Kerala University, M.D. In Psychiatry Papers


The University of Kerala offers the course M.D in Psychiatry. There are more than ten papers in the course and the names of few of them are:

•    Neuro Anatomy, Neuro Physiology Genetics, Neuro Chemistry, Clinical Neurology and Medicine in relation to Psychiatry - Paper I    (Part II)
•    General Clinical Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology - Paper II    (Part II)
•    Psychiatric Specialties and Recent Advances - Paper III    (Part II)
•    Essay - Paper IV (Part II)

Each of the papers carries a total of one hundred marks and has three hours duration. There are different pattern as according to the nature of the paper. For instance the first two papers have three main questions, the first two carrying sixty marks and the last carrying a total of forty marks. Again, the third papers also have three main questions. The first question carries a total of twenty marks and the second and third questions carries a total of forty marks. The last paper has a single main question and it carries one hundred marks. The paper carries both short as well as long answer type’s questions. Short notes are also asked in the papers as a part of the question.

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