List Of Air Hostess Training Institutes


All most all the courses which were earlier considered out of the way or less saught after courses are increasingly getting converted into the careers with most rewarding prospects. Many people have a notion that air hostess course is only for females but they also have male counterparts called pursers. Here is a list of few colleges that can help you in preparing for the career you desire.

•    A.R.K. Institute of Hospitality Management, Hyderabad
•    Aakash Aviation Academy, Bhopal
•    Air Hostess Academy (A.H.A.), New Delhi
•    Airsonic Training Academy , Panaji
•    Appliq Airways Academy Pvt. Ltd., Agra
•    Aptima Air Hostess Academy, New Delhi
•    Asia Pacific Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
•    Astro Professional Academy Pvt. Ltd., Udaipur
•    Avalon Aviation Academy, Andheri (E)
•    Aviationbaba Aero Services Private Limited, New Delhi
•    Bombay Flying Club, Mumbai
•    Career Guidance Institute, Thiruvananthapuram
•    Fly Air Aviation Academy, Chennai
•    Flying Goose Aviation Academy (F.G.A.A.), Kozhikode
•    Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training (F.I.A.T.), Andheri (W)
•    Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training (F.I.A.T.), Chennai
•    Global Institute of Flight Kare and Management, New Delhi
•    India International Trade Centre (I.I.T.C.), Bandra (W)
•    Indian Aviation Academy (I.A.A.), Andheri (W)
•    Indira Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics, Chandigarh
•    Inflight Airhostess Training Institute (I.A.H.T.I.), New Delhi
•    Institute for Career Studies, New Delhi
•    International Airlines Academy, Chennai
•    Jettwings Institute of Air Hostess Training and Management, Guwahati
•    Kairali Aviation (P) Ltd., Bangalore
•    Livewel Aviation Training Academy , Mumbai
•    Newtech International Academy, Chennai
•    Sristys Aviation, Hyderabad
•    Trade-Wings Institute of Management (T.I.M.), Mumbai
•    Trade-Wings Institute of Management Ltd- Deccan, Pune
•    Travel Academy, New Delhi
•    Vidya Training Institute (Part of Vidya Education Society), New Delhi
•    Virgin Paradise Airlines Training Private Limited, Bhilai



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64 Responses to “List Of Air Hostess Training Institutes”

  1. 64

    how to contact for admission in air hostess after passing 12th

  2. 63

    I compliet my 12Th in science but my one subject is back maths but i was appeared for that sub but still i m doing airport ground handeling cerficate course my height 5.4 and i can speak in english but how can i become a airhostess please rply

  3. 62

    suppose i’ll join to airhostess training how much cost to complete this course? & starting salary?

  4. 61
    lyness naomi williey:

    i would like to know how i can study air hostess.thank you

  5. 60
    Besnia Soibam:

    I m Besnia Soibam,19yrs.159cm tall,i speak hindi ,english, i complete my 10+2.i want 2 become an airhostess .I don’t know where and when entrance exams held,and where form is available??pliz tel me the fee structure or detail whichever neccesary for this.

  6. 59
    urmi panchal:

    how many fee this course and when will be course start?

  7. 58

    I’m 20 years old.. My height is 6ft. My English is not so good.. My aim is to become a air hostess … Plz tell me about this course .. Fee . Nd some other useful information… Thanks

  8. 57

    I’m 18 years old. my hight is English is good bt nt like as nw I’m doing I want to pursue my career in airhostess.I like to travelling alot ad my aim is that to become an airhostess.Im good looking.if people wear spects can become please tell m the qualities,airhostess admission system,application form,ad other related information about airhostess.plz reply fst.

  9. 56
    Sharon Mafunga:

    Are there air hostess training centres in Zimbabwe or do I have to join Airforce of Zimbabwe first?

  10. 55
    alka laskar:

    hi, my slf alka m 10th pass n i am 17years old i am vry intrested to be an airhostess is it posible for me to apply?

  11. 54

    hai, my age is 24 n qualification is height is 152 cm. can i apply for it?

  12. 53
    priya gangwar:

    i have done my 12th from u.p. i am doing graduation with (b .c.a.-)bechalor of computer application.i am interested in air hostess not for the sallery but i like it about the work of will i an air hostess.

  13. 52
    Maggie Mamosebetsi:

    Hi i’m Maggie as mensioned above. And would like to know more about airhostessing vacancies in Southern-Africa. I am 22 years old and didn’t pass my matric very well, but would really love to work as an airhostess, i have a very poor background can’t afford to pay fees. I am a very hard worker, passionate, love working with people, love flights i enjoy travelling and most of all i respect people! I don’t have any experiance in any job. As i have been trying to find one but had no luck, still am because i’m no quiter, so were in S.A can i get the school for air hostessing, how much does it cost and what period is it going to take me to be a pro-airhostess?

  14. 51
    bhudia rakhi:

    i hop u axapt me and my capebility for your compeny

  15. 50
    Shabnam Khan:

    How i get the application form of air hostess

  16. 49

    airhostess studying qualification?

  17. 48

    how do i get to join air hostess as well as the applicatoin form

  18. 47
    linus millicent:

    how much salary does a nigerian air hostess earn

  19. 46
    karan singh:

    I am interested in joining air hostess & tell me the qualities & qualification required ? i completed my high school ` my height is 6 and nw my age is 17 plus

  20. 45
    Mohamed Noufal:

    Am noufal from kerala. I have just only 172 hight .
    am a graduate in bba and i want to go out of kerala to improve hindi and english. I have done a project titled aviation and cabin crew at frank finn air hostess training institute,calicut centre.
    I want to become a cabin crew. Will u plssss send the information about this to
    [email protected]

  21. 44

    I am interested in joining air hostess & tell me the qualities & qualification required for air hostess. i m appered my height is 5ft,4inch & how much weight should an air hostess.
    please kindly inform me about the admission system; application form, fees etc. all related info

    waiting for your reply

  22. 43

    falcon group of institutions is the first institute in india.
    wich is providing the 100%job
    now we are hiring
    Air hostess
    ground staff
    contect for airport job. 09988665499

  23. 42
    Priscilla aku:

    Where can i get forms of air hostess to buy i’m shs graduate and 19 years of age.

  24. 41
    deeksha bhandari:

    i want to know about total fee structure for one year course of airhostess in frankfinn and other acedemy. and all requirement for it………..

  25. 40

    why dont you put air hostess application online?

  26. 39

    iam pass 10. how to becom a air hostess

  27. 38

    Iam Anjana ,30 and working, I want to became an
    Air Hostess , I have a 2 Years baby also there is any possibility to became an Air Hostess and I want to know about the low budget Institute getting training from them

  28. 37

    I would like to be an 18 years of age and i like travelling alot.meeting people is one of my good looking and an african.i live in Kenya.its hard to get this job but i can move mountains to get question is if people who wear spects like me can become airhostesses.

  29. 36

    fiji citizen 19, completed high school would like to know where, when, how and what preparations to do in order for me to become an air hostess.

  30. 35

    my aim is to become an airhostess ,but i’m in short 4.8 .and i want to knw about admission date r entrance date .

  31. 34

    how to apply for airhostess and notificationsforms…………………

  32. 33
    Jennifer disselwa:

    Can u plz tell me wats the procedure to become an air hostess.

  33. 32

    I’m studying bcom travel & tourism course and i would like to know that; is males can apply for air steward career..??
    Please i’m very curious to know about the best training centers in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and in Karnataka..

  34. 31

    I am in class 10th and I want to become an airhostess ,what preparations should i do from now ?

  35. 30

    which date the exam will be connected to pass in airhostess exam

  36. 29
    Heena joshi:

    iam interested to do job in air hostess right nw i did
    i want to knw about to job of air hostess pleasee kindly answer me.mine humbly request
    Warm Regards
    Heena joshi

  37. 28

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  38. 27

    hi renuga
    even im from dharmapuri …
    I have given my ias prelims examination this year june2011
    contact me if you need any help….

  39. 26

    Tell me the total fee for this course

  40. 25
    Abily jose:

    I am doing my B.Sc mathematics final year,i’m interested to persue my career in air lines(air ticketing job),i know english,malayalam,telugu and can understand hindi,tamil languages.Please reply me about the various training centers in South India(mainly Andhra Pradesh and Kerala.
    Please i’m very curious to know about the best training centers.

  41. 24

    i m interested in air hostess,kindly inform me about d admission system;application form,fees…etc.all related info

  42. 23
    Tejaswini pathare:

    This month i give the 12th exam. i have the addres of best air hostess institute.i am live in mumbai.plz give me reply.

  43. 22

    I am interested in joining air hostess & I have no idea about air hostess, tell me the qualities & qualification required for air hostess. my height is 5ft,3inch & how much weight should an air hostess i m in 11th STD.can we joined air hostess after 12th.

  44. 21

    are all schools for air hostess only situated in India?what about johannesburg in south africa!

  45. 20


    i would like to know how many langueges a person should have to become a airhostess and how many year is the training

    waiting for your reply

  46. 19

    My aim is to become an Airhotess.Right now iam doing my B.Sc Mathematics final year.Please tell me the dates of entrance examination and where will the exam be conducted.Where will i get the application form.

  47. 18

    i am stadying for MCA first year.i am intrested to writen in native place in plase coching centers in dharmapuri,and prepare the ias examinations ,some ideas .please send to me sir.

  48. 17

    iam interested to do job in air hostess right nw iam pursing comp sci 2nd yr.
    i want to knw about to job of air hostess pleasee kindly answer me.mine humbly request

  49. 16

    i really want to become an air hostess tell me my height is 5ft and i have done intermediate so can i become an air hostess , tell me how much weight it should be need for this job ?

  50. 15

    plz tell me the date of entrance exam & where will i get the application form.

  51. 14
    Sunita kumari:

    plz tell us how many governmemt air hostess training institutes in india? I want the dates of entrance exam.and where will i get the application form. w deddd

  52. 13

    IAM Black In Colour Will They select me as an AIRHOSTESS……….

  53. 12

    could you please tell me how to apply as a trainer in these air hostess training academy’s?

  54. 11
    Ramandeep singh:

    Boys can also do the airhost course?

  55. 10
    Anubhav Saxena:

    courses training information

  56. 9

    plz tell us how many government air hostes traning institutes in india ?

  57. 8

    I just wanted to know whether there any short term courses for air ticketing or any courses related to aviation.

  58. 7

    i’m intrested in air hostess nd i want the dates of entrance exam. And where will i get the application form?
    i passed intermediate in 2010.

  59. 6


  60. 5

    i wat to be a air hostess all i nd is training,i graguated 4rm absu and am not no married,i stay in kano

  61. 4
    aarti raj:

    i love to air hostess job.i dont have any idea about how to get into this field so please tell me about the qualities that a air hostess should have

  62. 3
    aarti raj:

    where can i get the air hostess application form

  63. 2
    chikkala keerthi:

    i am interested in air hostes . and i want the dates of entrance exam. And where will we get the application form

  64. 1
    Ruchi dawas:

    can a 10+ polytechnic diploma holder take admission in frankfinn institute?