Maharashtra Board Higher Secondary-Book Keeping & Accountancy Papers


Maharashtra Board Higher Secondary is one of the major stages of every student to build their career. The students need to be very focus on the prime subjects that leads to a brighter career. There are several papers included in the higher secondary course, Book Keeping and Accountancy Papers is one of them. This is basically deals with the mathematical related problems.

Paper Description:

The Book Keeping and Accountancy Papers hold the knowledge about the partnership based calculations. The paper includes preparation of Joint Venture Account, Co-Venture Account and Joint Bank Account etc. All the appearing students need to focus more on numerical rather than on theories, even if the process of solving the question is right, they will get full marks on the question.

Paper Pattern:

The Book Keeping and Accountancy paper contains both multiple based and descriptive based questions. The first group includes a total of twenty objective questions whereas the second group contains a maximum of six questions. All the questions in group A carry equal marks whereas the questions in group two are of different marks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Generally, the most highlighted questions that are repeated in number of times are to prepare Joint Bank Account, Joint Venture Account etc. There are also few questions that hold the same possibilities in asking in the examination are to prepare opening statement affairs, closing statement affairs and statement of profit and loss etc.

Full Marks and Time Allotted:

The total marks allotted for this paper is 100 and time allotted to attempt all the questions is three hours.

Books Recommended:

Book-keeping and Accounting for the Small Business: How to Keep the Books and Maintain Financial Control over Your Business, by Peter Taylor

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