MDU Rohtak, MCA / PGDCA / APGDCA - 5th Semester Papers


MDU Rohtak offers three years MCA (Masters of Computer Applications)/PGDCA (Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications)/APGDCA (Advanced Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications) courses to the eligible candidates. There are five papers in the 05th semesters that the candidates have to pass. The names of each of them are:

•    MCA-21: Internet Programming using C #
•    MCA-22: Software Testing and Quality Assurance
•    MCA-23: Window Programming
•    MCA-24: IT Management
•    MCA-25: Software Lab-Based on MCA-21 & MCA-23

Each of the papers carries a maximum of one hundred marks and the first four have duration of three hours, where as the last paper has a duration of four hours. The one hundred marks is divided into seventy-five marks awarded for theory and the remaining twenty-five marks awarded for Internal Assessments, out of which ten marks are for test and fifteen marks are for Assignments. Candidates should go through different Mock based Test as well as several suggestions which enable them to receive a high mark in the question papers. Each of the papers has their own grades as well as credit, through which marks are awarded to the candidates.

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