PTU MCA 5th Sem-Java Programming (MCA-502) Papers


Punjab Technical University organizes paper wise exam for the different courses or programs offered for the candidates. The Java Programming Papers exam is one of the papers under the course of Master of Computer Application and it is under the syllabus of 5th semester of this course. It is coded as MCA-502. The paper mainly provides depth knowledge about the Java Programming.  

Importance of the subject:

Like different programming languages, Java also requires a basic concept and different principles to build a program. This language is very much important for the students to establish a well recognized position in any software company. Most of the programs are mainly indulge with Java programmings. If any candidates have grip on C language then this subject is very much easier for them to understand.

Paper pattern:

The paper format followed by the Master of Computer Application 5th Sem-Java Programming Papers is almost monotonous for every paper under this course. There are certain divisions of groups under which all the questions are categorized from the entire syllabus of the Java Programming. First group is compulsory and mandatory for all the candidates and from the second one only 9 questions are need to answer.

Frequently asked questions:

The questions that are continuously repeated from the 5th sem Java Programming paper are different ways to create thread, essential characteristics of an array, TCP and constructor etc. There are very few questions which are repeated from this paper.

Time and marks:

The University has fixed 75 marks for this paper and 3 hours is what you get for this exam.

Books recommended:

Java Programming by Balaguruswamy

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