PTU MCA 5th Sem-Computer Graphics (MCA-501) Papers


The Paper Computer Graphics introduces the various kinds of technical knowledge for the students in designing the different computer graphics. This can also be stated as it deals mainly with the features related to the graphics media of the computer. One can choose this subject for further study in future. The paper is coded as MCA-501 and similarly all the papers included in this course.

Importance of the subject:

The different principals related to the computer graphics and different algorithm required to understand this particular subject. The paper also deals with the different geometric and coordinate transformation of the graphics are required to study. The various kinds of shading, toning and different scan line methods etc are also need to cover under this paper which also helps the candidates to have a better career prospects in respective areas.

Paper pattern:

The paper format adopted by the 5th Sem-Computer Graphics Papers is almost similar for every course under the Punjab Technical University. The paper mainly includes five groups A, B, C, D and E etc and all the questions that are asked are distributed amongst these five groups. The marks carried by the first four groups are equal and the fifth group contains 20 marks. There is only one question that every candidate needs to answer from the first four groups. Each candidate must need to attempt all the questions included in the E group.

Frequently asked questions:

There are certain numbers of questions that are continuously asked from the Computer Graphics Papers are importance of homogeneous coordinates, phong shading and method for hidden surface removal etc.

Marks and time:

The full marks carried by individual paper under the fifth semester are same. The Computer Graphics Paper carries 60 marks and the duration that one should get to solve all the questions is three hours.

Books recommended:

Computer graphics by a.p.godse

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