PTU MCA 5th Semester Papers


The revised portion and paper pattern of the 5th semester in MCA comprises of a 60 mark paper combined with a 40 mark project work.  The paper will feature all the content form the syllabus of the course which comprises of topics like Computer Graphics, Internet Programming and Java, E-Commerce, Compiler Design, System Simulation and Modeling and Advanced Microprocessor Systems.

The paper pattern is relatively simple. The total number of questions in the paper is 9. These are divided into five sections. Section A,B,C,D will have options and you need to attempt one from each. Section E is a mandatory question carrying two marks per correct answer.

Since the paper is entirely based on the syllabus, it is simple to identify which of the questions are important and most likely to be asked. You can take a good look at last years papers which are easily available on the internet or in the college library. Most of the times, the questions are not difficult to solve. It may be possible that the question is framed in a different manner. However, if the basics are clear, such minor changes should not be a problem for the student.

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