Medical Scientist - How to become a Medical Scientist?


Those who are involved in research activities related to the causes of diseases and other health issues associated with humans are referred to as medical scientist. The studies are carried out on a variety of human conditions caused due to diseases or other ill health conditions. The intention behind these research actions is to improve human health and to develop prevention methods. These scientists employ most modern techniques to carry out the biomedical research activities on disease causing microbes such as bacteria and viruses. They also develop new drugs for the treatment and prevention of infectious diseases. Some medical scientist performs the role of physician along with scientific research in the area.

Qualifying Exam

Those who possess PhD degree in any of the areas of Biological science are eligible to apply for the post of Medical Scientist. Those who possess postgraduate degrees in any of the areas of medicine are also eligible for the same. Such professionals can perform both in the role of physician and scientist. The candidate has to clear the recruitment process carried out by the employer in order to get in to the position for which they have applied.

Who are eligible to apply?

The candidate should have passed XII class studies with science as the main subject. Base in science is much essential as the candidate has to undergo higher education in areas related to the same. After pursuing doctorate degree in medicine or biological science the candidate can apply for the post of Medical Scientist. Education and work experience in the area of laboratory technology is also desirable for the position of the same.

Key elements in the process

  • Undergo intermediate class studies with Science as the main subject
  • Pursue graduation in biological science or medicine
  • Obtain Post graduation and PhD in the concerned area
  • Search and apply for the position of Medical Scientist in any of the reputed research firms.

Skills required for a Medical Scientist

Those who are passionate to identify the reasons behind diseases and other health issues can consider this job as an excellent choice. The candidate should possess sound subject knowledge and enough research skills to identify health problems and new medicines. Motivation, patience, determination, etc are other essential skills desirable for the position.



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