Specialization areas in Biochemistry and their significance


Aspirants who are interested to widen their knowledge in Biochemistry can do their specialization in the areas of Clinical Biochemistry, Medical Biochemistry, and Plant Biochemistry. After doing specialization, aspirants can find more lucrative careers in the relevant field. They can work in reputed organizations like National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI), Central Institute of Medical and Aromatic Plants (CIMAP), Indian Institute of Toxicology Research etc.

Specialization areas in Biochemistry

  • M.Sc in Clinical Biochemistry
  • M.Sc in Medical Biochemistry
  • M.Sc in Plant Biochemistry
  • M.Sc in Toxicology
  • M.Sc in Chemical Enzymology

Significance of taking specialization in Biochemistry

After obtaining M.Sc in Clinical/Medical Biochemistry, one can pursue their career as Quality Control Analysts in various pharmaceutical companies like Ranbaxy, Indian Immunologicals Limited, Bharat Biotech, Panacea Biotech, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories etc. It is a very lucrative career opportunity for which a salary of Rs. 1, 00, 000/- to Rs. 5, 00, 000/- per annum is offered. Another highly paid job opportunity available in these companies for these postgraduates is Research Scientist with a salary up to Rs. 4, 00, 000/- per annum. They can also look for other career avenues available in the health care field like

  • Medical Coder
  • Medical Lab Technologist
  • Medical Editor
  • Medical Microbiologist
  • Medical Representative

Those who possess M.Sc in Plant Biochemistry can join National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI) as Project Assistant. It is possible for them to earn a salary up to Rs. 12, 000/- per month after joining as Project Assistant. They can also join as Junior Research Fellow in NBRI and earn up to Rs. 16, 000/- per month. Central Institute of Medical and Aromatic Plants (CIMAP) offer the job of Scientist (Plant Biochemistry) for those having M.Sc in Plant Biochemistry. Salary package offered for this post of Scientist is between Rs. 15, 600/- and Rs. 39, 100/- per month. Other job opportunities available for these postgraduates in various research laboratories like AGVISE Laboratories, Jyothi Laboratories and VICCO Laboratories are

  • Assistant Scientist
  • Customer Solutions Application Scientist
  • Quality Manager (Lab Medicine)
  • Genomics and Microarray Specialist
  • Protein Biochemist

M.Sc degree holders in Toxicology can join Indian Institute of Toxicology Research as Project Assistant and earn up to Rs. 12, 000/- per month. They can join various Phramaceutical companies like Ranbaxy, Panacea Biotech etc. as Toxicologist or Pharmaceutical Chemist. Salary package offered for these positions will be in the range of Rs. 4, 00, 000/- per annum. Other job profiles available for M.Sc graduates in Toxicology are

  • Toxicology Consultant
  • Toxic Reduction Specialist
  • Safety Specialist
  • Human Health Risk Assessor
  • Environmental Toxicology Specialist
  • Food Scientist

M.Sc in Chemical Enzymology course will enable the candidates to work in various cosmetic companies as experts in cosmetology. They can earn up to Rs. 8, 00, 000/- per annum by working in this industry.



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