Difference between researcher and scientist


The role of researcher and scientist is inevitable in today’s world. Both scientist and researcher enjoy a respectful position in the society. One needs to really work hard in order to be successful in these areas.

Researcher and opportunities

Researcher is a person who analyses facts and indulge into systematic information and develop new ideas and theories. They use scientific methods to find out new theories and facts. Researchers gather data and information on the related area in which they undertake their research. The methods usually used by the researcher includes

  • Exploratory research
  • Constructive research
  • Empirical research
  • Primary research
  • Secondary research
  • Qualitative research
  • Quantitative research

Numerous job opportunities are available for researchers which include lectureship in reputed institutes, Exposure to Research Job Opportunities, research technician; Environmental Assessment Employment Opportunities, Risk Management Research Employment Opportunities etc .The candidates with experience can head research teams.

Scientist and opportunities

Scientist is one who acquires knowledge through scientific method. Scientist indulges in experiments and produce results which open up new arena of knowledge. Scientists include:

  • Theoreticians
  • Experimentalists
  • Physicists
  • Mathematicians
  • Engineers etc.

Those who wish to pursue their career as scientist can take up a job in public and private sector. The pay scale is also really high for scientists as compared to other professionals. A scientist is one who believes in the results produced through experiments. For a scientist to be successful they should posses certain qualities that include open-mindedness, creativity critical thinking and should be rational. They should work hard and need to have a positive attitude towards the work and profession.

Key difference between researcher and scientist

The role as a researcher and scientist really holds much responsibility. The main difference between scientist and researcher is that researcher undertakes research in a particular area in search of information whereas scientist believes in the results of his experiment which opens up new arena of knowledge. A scientist needs the qualities for a researcher too to become successful in their profession. To pursue the career as a researcher and scientist one should meet the required educational qualification and also should prove their talents. They should also be able to meet the responsibility vested upon them so that they will be successful in their career and life.



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