Difference between a Materials scientist and a Medical scientist


Both the Materials scientists and Medical scientists are the professionals who perform certain study and researches. Even though the two professionals carry out the same kind of work, the two professions differs entirely. Material scientists are the professionals who study and observe the structure and chemical features of different materials. Medical scientists are those professionals who conduct researches about the human biological systems.

Materials scientist Course and Career opportunities

Material science is said to be an interdisciplinary field which involves various properties of matter. The field has its importance in diverse areas of science. Materials scientists are the highly trained professionals who learn and utilize the information about chemicals. They study and research the structures and chemical features of many special materials like polymers, metals, rubber, semiconductors, etc. They improve new materials or decide methods to develop the existing ones for wide variety of uses. They also figure out the ways to strengthen or make new products or combine materials to use in variety of products. These professionals organize diverse researches to evaluate and develop procedures for a variety of purposes like reduction of energy pollution.

Materials scientists understand the bond strength between several molecules by conducting experiments. They usually focus on the specific resources such as ceramics or metals. Candidates need at least a bachelor’s degree in material science or related discipline to enter in this field. But most of the employers recruit individuals with a doctorate degree for the research activities.

Medical scientist Course and Career opportunities

Medical science is an essential health field which focuses in maintaining good health and preventing illness and disease. Medical scientists are those professionals who are trained to research many different human conditions and disorders to develop the health. They also create the new treatment and prevention methods. They learn about human biological systems to develop awareness about the causes of illness, diseases or other health problems. They perform the biomedical research and development to make a strong understanding about the life processes in infectious agents. These will help to prevent, diagnose and treat a variety of conditions. They are also involved in developing new medications, vaccines and treatment methods.

Some of these professionals are licensed physicians who can give treatment and medications to patients. Usually medical scientists work with the clients in clinical trials to monitor the results of treatments and observe the reactions. They can find employment in the genetic engineering field to research about the specific genes that are related with harmful diseases.

Key differentiators between a Materials scientist and a Medical scientist

  • Materials Scientists are those professionals who learn and research about the structure and chemical aspects of materials whereas Medical scientists are the researches who understand and discover the causes of different conditions that may affect human health.
  • Materials Scientists usually research about the specific materials such as metals, polymers, glass, semiconductors, etc. whereas Medical scientists often research the causes and create new methods of treatment for diverse diseases.

Although the Materials Scientists and Medical Scientists perform the same kind of job, i.e. research, they are at poles apart.



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