M.Sc in Physical Science vs M.Sc in Biological Science- Which course is better?


The extensive categorization of science subjects among physical and biological sciences is highly debatable and frequently gets indistinct in this age of interdisciplinary approach of study. Below is the discussion to find which course M.Sc in Physical Science or M.Sc in Biological Science is better than the other.

M.Sc in Physical Science Course

Physical science includes subjects that look for facts about the universe. It doesn’t comprise of study concerning about the living organisms and to a certain extent it focuses on matter, energy, and all such kinds of substances. It also consists of the study of mathematics and the structures from infinitesimal (atoms and molecules) to the study about planets, stars, and the sun. This implies that subjects like physics, geology, chemistry, oceanography, mathematics, etc are incorporated in physical science. M.Sc in Physical Science is a 2 year post graduation course. The course curriculum includes analytical chemistry, solid state chemistry, kinetic molecular theory, spectroscopy, earth sciences, and so on.

M.Sc in Biological Science Course

Biological sciences aids in realizing all particulars regarding the life in general and living organisms in particular. This branch of science searches for the advancement in understanding the principles and mechanisms that administrate life on earth. This is undeniably a very enormous subject area and extends to the study of structures and working of molecules inside organisms. Biological sciences consist of subjects like botany, microbiology, zoology, paleontology, plant biology, genetics, and so on. M.Sc in Biological Science is a 2 year post graduation course. The course curriculum comprises of biodiversity, ecology, cell biology, molecular biology, evolution, genetics, and so on.

Key Difference between M.Sc in Physical Science and M.Sc in Biological Science

In general, physical sciences try to find relation to nature and properties of substances, energy and all non living matter where as biological sciences facilitates to comprehend life forms on this planet which is a vast subject theme that varies from smallest (molecules, nucleic acid, DNA, etc) to the largest creatures. The key dissimilarity between M.Sc in Physical Science and M.Sc in Biological Science is that the former deals with the study of non-living substance while the latter focuses on the study of living organisms.

Which course is better?

One can’t actually point out which course is exactly better than the other. It all varies according to ones personal interest. Both the courses provide numerous opportunities both in terms of future study and also in pursuing a career. Some of the scholars try to admit that M.Sc in Physical Science is better than M.Sc in Biological Science. But both the fields are provide numerous prospects for the candidates.



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