Difference between MEng and MSc


A master of science (Msc) in engineering is an academic postgraduate master’s degree in the field of sciences and takes one to two years to complete.Msc is totally research based master’s degree which are an easier stepping stone to a PhD and requires a substantial amount of novel work. In order to obtain higher qualification for employment prospects, Msc is usually studied and in engineering, it is followed by entrance into a doctoral program. It basically emphasizes on individual research and requires more in-depth individual project work.Msc can be undertaken at any stage in our academic and professional development.Generally,Msc students are provided with financial support such as teaching and research assistantships who usually complete their program in approximately 2 years.

A master of engineering (MEng) is an integrated master’s degree and is definitely more respected and recognised degree.MEng is considered as super BEng as it is the development of BEng .MEng is a professional and broad degree and is more vocational. It is a purely academic qualification and aims to develop business awareness.MEng students are self-funded.However, MEng are usually designed for students who plan for employment upon graduation and who are already in the engineering workforce.

MEng is predominantly a lecture based programme which is accredited by one of the professional engineering bodies like IMechE, IEE, etc.A MEng degree holder is able to get chartered engineer status faster.

Probably, the type of MEng offered varies across some countries. For e.g. In USA, MEng is offered as a coursework based graduate program which is totally a professional degree. In UK, MEng is considered as an undergraduate degree. In Canada, MEng involves coursework and a thesis or a research paper and is considered as a graduate degree.

Msc and MEng usually differ on the basis of length of study, degree titles, and mode of study.
•    For MEng, we need to have BE or Btech degree whereas for Msc, we need to have Bsc degree.
•    MEng normally focuses on engineering ground whereas Msc can be done to on any general science subjects.



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    rohith p s:

    i secured 53rd rank in CSIR NET exam in physical science in the first attempt…is there any assistant professor post in universities?

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    what is the difference between MENG in chemical engineering and MENG in chemical engineering with environmental engineering.Which one is more valued and better degree.

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    serina gonsalves:

    after doing bsc in statistics,which is a better option doin MSC or MBA? IF I WANT TO BECOME AN PROFESSOR

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    I am a B.E. gradute. Can i do M.A.degree further? If yes please suggest any good college for this?