Mumbai University B.E in Computer Science 4th Sem Operating Systems Papers


Amongst the various important papers of Mumbai University 4th semester, Computer Science Engineering, Operating System or Os forms a major part of the subject and course. the subject is one of the most important subjects of this 4 year course. that is why every institution imparting this course, gives a lot of stress on this subject for computer science engineering students.

Paper description:

The paper deals with the study of various kinds of OS and the proper way in which it functions. the subject also deals with the study of operating system and the programs that the operating system uses in order to get the computer run. the course also stress upon the set ups and the predefined functions present in the subject that deals with the proper functioning of the system. the subject includes study of all the files and data that the OS has in it so that the system gets to understand what and how it has to function when the user commands it.

Frequently asked Questions:

The questions are frequently asked from the various features of OS. The various forms of OS, and its classification is also a major part of the question paper which gets repeated almost every year. the paper also has questions from the segment that deals with the interaction of user and the computer through OS.

Paper Pattern:

The paper has all together 7 questions, and the whole paper is divided in to three parts. the first part has question number 1 which is the compulsory question. students are mandatory to answer question number 1. from the remaining 6 questions, the students are free into choose any 4. thus, in total, students have to answer 5 question. every question is sub divided in to sub questions and is of 20 marks. the question paper has objective as well as subjective kinds of paper.

Total time and marks allotted:

The question paper is of 100 marks only and the time duration is 3 hours, in which the candidates require to answer the paper.

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