Kurukshetra University B.Tech in CSE 4th Sem Object Oriented Programming Using C++ Papers


The paper on Object Oriented Programming Using C++ Paper is studied by a student of computer science engineering in the 2nd year , 4th semester of the course. The paper deals with topics like object oriented concepts and its detailed study,  file , input output streams and concepts of inheritance, data abstraction, exception handling and exception and inheritance etc

Paper pattern:

There are four units, unit one, unit two, unit three and unit four and one needs to do five questions from the entire question paper which has a total of eight questions. One has to make sure that one attempts at least one question from all the sections, that make it one question from four section and an additional question from a section of preference. There are two questions in each section. Each question is of 20 marks and there are sub divisions in each of the questions from the units.

Maximum time allotted and maximum marks:

The total marks obtainable in Object Oriented Programming Using C++ Paper are 100 and the time allotted to attempt all the question is three hours.

Frequently asked questions

Questions can be asked from topics like access modifiers, proxy classes, the fundamental concept of operator overloading, definition and elaboration of polymorphisms, dynamic binding, classes and related concepts. Questions that find frequent occurrence are like explanations of pre processor directives, elaboration and writing of programs on operators overloading, ambiguity problems and its occurrence in multiple inheritance and removal. Other topic of interest are definition of virtual functions, and its examples, friend functions and its advantages, Elaboration of class template and function template and writing of programs on multiplication or division of various data type variables. It is a theoretical paper and one needs to have an in-depth knowledge on all the topics and programming skills.


C++How to Programming by H M Deitel and P J Deitel, 1998, Prentice Hall

Object Oriented Programming in Turbo C++ by Robert Lafore

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