PTU, B.Tech, 1st Sem., Elements of Mechanical Engineering papers


Engineering is a course that requires knowledge about several subjects. That is the prime reason why engineering students are taught about few subjects in their very first semester. Elements of Mechanical Engineering are one such paper.

Paper Description:

The elements of mechanical engineering paper deals with the study of various parts of physics in specifications. These parts include the Heat and work section, the vector part, the energy part, the energy and matter balance etc. the subjects also includes study of various mechanical processes involved and its efficiency. The paper also includes study of thermodynamics and kinetics of matters.

Frequently asked questions:

Few questions which get repeated almost every year in the paper are ‘Difference between heat and work’, ‘what are the laws of thermodynamics’, or ‘deduce the expression along with Law of Thermodynamics’. Apart from these, there are few topics which are also important from the examination point of view. These topics are PPM1, COP, pulleys, elasticity, heat engines, Carnot cycle etc. Numerical are also asked from these above mentioned topics.

Paper pattern:

The question paper of elements of mechanical engineering has 9 questions in it. The first question, question number 1 is compulsory to be answered. This particular question has 10 sub questions of 2 marks each. Section A is composed of this question only. Section B and Section C of the paper has 4 questions in it. Each question in these sections is of 8 marks each. Candidates need to choose any 2 questions from section B and any 2 from section C. the last 1 question can be from either section B or section C, depending on the candidate’s wish.

Marks and time allotted:

The total mark of the paper is 60 and the time duration is 3 hours.

Recommended books:

Engineering mechanics by Timoshenko
Mechanical Engineering design and analysis by Arthur H.Burr

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    Gopeshwar Sharma:

    As per the date sheet of PTU “Elements of Mechanical Engineering ” paper is going to be held on 16.04.12. Please convey that the same syllabus shall be covered in exam as was in Ist SEMESTER-2011 or any change / addition is there.


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    Should i only read the given syllabus or should refer the various reference books?

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    plz send me mca 1st year paper