NET Bengali (Paper III) Papers


The Bengali Paper III of National Eligibility test comprises of 200 marks. The total time duration for the same is two and half hours. There are 26 questions to be answered in the paper. All questions carry different marks. These marks are given alongside each question. Some questions also have internal choices within them.  Always read the instructions given for each question carefully before attempting the question. There is provision of rough space in case you need it.

All the questions have to be answered in the space provided below each question unless indicated otherwise. The word limit for each answer is also specified. It is important to stick to the word limit in order to prevent leaving the paper incomplete because it turned out to be lengthy. The time limit given to each question should be based on the number of words required to write the answer. Do support the long answers with adequate introduction, middle paragraph and conclusion. Make sure to write to the point answers. Always make sure to mention the names of authors, poets wherever necessary. Try to solve a few question papers of past years or give mock tests for general reference.

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