NET Geography (Paper III) Papers


NET stands for National Educational Testing, and is conducted by UGC, which further stands for University Grant Commission, to provide the candidates with the title of professors and lecturers, and to award Junior Research fellowship to the candidates. The examination is one of the reputed examinations being given a lot of respect and acknowledgement.

Paper Description:

There are plenty of papers to choose from, in the NET examination. One of the papers is geography. The paper is basically the study of living sphere of the earth. There are many other things that geography deals with and that is what is tested in the paper. The paper is divided into two parts, the first part is the objective part and the second part which is Paper III has subjective long essay type questions. The paper basically deals with topics like climate and sphere of earth.

Frequently Asked questions:

The paper has plenty of questions from the oceanography, climatology, biogeography, population geography, and settlement geography. These includes questions like advancement and development of humans and the factors that denote it; origination of mid latitude cyclone etc. The question paper also has question regarding the various apparatus and devices useful in its measurement.

Paper pattern:

The question paper of NET geography paper III is divided into 4 sections. The first section, section A has two long essay type questions of 20 marks each. Candidates require answering both these questions in about 500 words. Both the questions have one internal choice in them. The second section, Section B has 3 questions of 15 marks each, which is to be answered in 300 words only. There are no choices in this section. The third section, section C, has 9 questions of 10 marks each, which is to be answered in about 50 words only. The final section, section d has a passage and 5 questions are asked from the passage, each question is of 5 marks each, and is to be answered in 30 words only.

Marks allotted and time allotted:

The total mark of the paper is 100, and the time allotted to complete the paper is 2 and half hours.

Recommended books:

Upkar Publication’s NET/SLKET geography paper III
Geography NET/SLET paper III by Bookhive publications.

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