Netaji Subhas Open University, Post Graduate Commerce (Paper 14) Papers


In the course of Post Graduate Commerce from the reputed university of Netaji Subhas Open University, a student has to undergo completion of twenty papers in the due course of two years. Paper fourteen of commerce is Advanced Statistical Concepts and tools used in the business analysis and its development.

Paper pattern:

There are two sections and one is to be tested on the basis of theoretical and numerical solving ability. There are two sections, section A and section B. In the first section one has to solve two out of the four questions that one can choose from in this section. These are elaborate questions with marks of 15 marks in each question and there are sub parts of the questions to enable one to answer with ease. In the second section, one is to answer two questions out of the four given questions and there is a mark of 10 marks in each of the questions.

Maximum marks and maximum time:

There are a maximum of four questions that needs to be attempted and one has a maximum time of two hours to solve these questions. The maximum marks allotted are 50 and the paper has a weight age of 80%.

Frequently asked questions:

It is a subjective based question with a wide occurrence of numerical based on modern mathematics and other topics. Common questions are like probability and the theory of set theorems in events, concepts of random variable, concepts of binomial distribution and their symmetry, concepts of testing and hypothesis and errors of type one and two. Concepts of probability distribution, stratified sampling, multistage sampling, construction of intervals for correspondence of true proportion. The question paper is mostly based on numerical calculations based on theoretical concepts and real life situations and elaboration of certain theoretical terms.

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