Netaji Subhas Open University Post Graduate Commerce Quantitative Techniques (Paper 8) Papers


Netaji Subhas Open University (NSOU) is an Open University imparting distance education in eastern India. It is the 58th largest university in the world. It offers all under graduate, post graduate and PhD courses. The Commerce paper is one of the post graduate courses offered by NSOU. It is an important paper and covers all the major topics relevant to the subject.

Given below is a concise explanation of the examination paper to help understand the questions and exam pattern overall.

How Many Sections Can You Expect In This Paper?

There are 2 sections in this paper, MODULE 1 and MODULE 2.

Paper Pattern And Number Of Questions Asked?

There are in total 8 questions divided into two modules as 4 in each. Every question in both sections has minimum of two sub-parts and answering of any 2 questions out of the 4 is compulsory in both the modules.

Division of Marks

Total marks allotted to the commerce papers are 50. Weightage of marks given is 80%. This mark is divided between the 2 modules as 25 each which is every question answered are given 12.5marks. Thus, answering of any 4questions out the given 8questions is a must.

Special credit is given for accuracy and relevance whereas marks are deducted for incorrect spelling, untidy works and illegible handwriting.

How Many Hours Would You Be Given to Complete The Paper?

2hours at max is allotted to the candidates sitting for the exam.

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