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Oncology Certified Nurse Exam is conducted for practicing nurses only to avail the title of Certified Oncology Nurse. Generally four certification exams are offered by ONCC namely Oncology Certified Nurse (OCN), Certified Pediatrics Oncology Nurse (CPON), Advanced Oncology Certified Nurse Practitioner (AOCNP) and Advanced Oncology Certified Clinical Nurse Specialist (AOCNS).

Nursing is a career for all those who have a feeling of serving inside them and want to turn their feeling, their passion into their career. Apart from that, recent developments in the medical fields have also enhanced the prospects in this sector. That is probably another reason that more and more people are coming up with the choice of pursuing a career in Nursing. Various examinations are conducted because that is a very good way to judge amongst the aspirants the best suitable for the nursing career. In this way it brings best people for the work in the nursing sector.

OCN 2010 is given by many aspirants and is thus making it quite popular amongst those willing a career in Nursing.

Eligibility Criteria:

• The applicant must be a licensed nurse and is the first necessary requirement eligibility criterion for the exam.

•the candidates are required to have an at least 1 year of experience in the last three years.

•the last requirement for being eligible is to possess an experience of 1000 of Oncology Nursing in the last two and half years.

How to Apply:

•the candidates have to avail the application form from various sources of availability. The forms can either be collected in person or by paying a specified amount through post or by downloading the application form from the official website.

•One needs to fill the application form with all the necessary data required after it is being available. The application form is required to be sent before the last date for submitting the forms. Incomplete forms and forms sent after the last date of submission are liable for being rejected.

Examination Pattern:

• The questions asked in the entrance exam are generally of Multiple Choice Type questions (MCQ).

• There are generally 165 questions in the exam.

• Out of 165 questions, 20 are meant to be protesting questions, for future examinations.

• About one third of the questions test the RN’s knowledge in major quality of life issues.

• Exam is usually held in January, April, July and October but these all are computer based exams.

• One in a year, exam of pencil and paper format is also offered to students.

Important Information regarding exam:

• The fee for the members of the Oncology Nursing Society and the Association of Pediatric Oncology is $260.

• The non-members applicants will have to pay $380 for the same program.

• After passing the exam the Oncology Certified Nurse certificate is issued which is valid for three years.



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    could you please provide me where i can get full information regarding OCN and where i can get the forms for applying for OCN