PhD in Road safety management


With development of the towns comes a very huge responsibility of traffic. As soon as the town or city becomes more developed, the traffic control also needs to be on high care and alert. The need of proper management increases with the increase in traffic of the town. Thus, in order to boost up the traffic management of the town, various courses such as PhD in road safety management is offered at various locations.

Under this course one is taught the various ways and methods in which the traffic can be regulated and controlled. One is also taught the usage of roads and other transports in such a way so that the pressure of the traffic gets distributed everywhere equally and no area faces congestion. This course also gives one the knowledge of various forms of transport means that can be installed in order to get the traffic pressure low.

One requires being at least a post graduate or should have a masters’ degree in order to be eligible for the course of PhD in Road safety management. The degree should also be of a well recognized educational institute.

Course outlook:

The course duration of this course, like other PhD courses are not certain or fixed. It depends on the thesis that the student is working on and also on the university. As soon as the thesis gets completed and approved, the course gets over.

Job Prospects:

there are plenty of job opportunity for these degree holders. They can readily join the town traffic department or transport department and can add up in the development of the town.

Best Places to Pursue:

University of madras

University of Delhi



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7 Responses to “PhD in Road safety management”

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    Ajay Kumar Mohanty:

    I am Fire & Safety professional having more than 25 year’s of experience. I would like pusue PhD in road safety. Could you please advise?

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    I am Safety professional. I would like pusue phd in road safety .please advise

  3. 5

    i live in mumbai and would like to do Phd on traffic or road safety. Please guide

  4. 4

    i would like to phd in road safety management . where can i pursue this ? kindly suggest / guide me i am mechanical engineer and working in road reasearcg institue.

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    veerendra singh rathore:

    no. of accident in year 2009 in india

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    Shailesh Sinha:

    I am Running a Company and a Portal by the name of The Traffic People and respectively.
    I wish to pursue PhD in road safety. Please inform from where can i do this.


    Shailesh Sinha
    New Delhi.

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    Ashutosh Atray:

    I am a Post Graduate Engineer working in the field of road safety awareness & safety audits.

    I wish to pursue PhD in road safety. Please inform what could be the specific tpoics which I can pursue.