Photonics Specialist - How to become Photonics Specialist?


Photonics is a scientific subject that is a consequence of fusion of optical technology with electronics. The technology has widespread use in transmission, modulation and detection of Protons. These light particles have extensive application in communications, imaging and health care. With knowledge in the science, we are able to discover new planets and to give robots vision. By doing the various programmes in Photonics, one may be able to become a Photonics specialist. There are numerous opportunities for the professionals who have conducted studies on Photonics. Professionals, entering into career can earn good remuneration in the initial stage itself. With experience in the field, they can expect unimaginable scale of pays.

Qualifying Exam

Those who are willing to become a Photonics specialist are required to do the postgraduation programme in Physics or Photonics. There is an entrance test conducted for selecting the eligible candidates for the masters’ programme. Those who are carrying on with the research programmes can reach higher levels in the sector.

Who is eligible to apply?

The aspirants need to have a bachelors’ degree in physics or photonics to apply for the PG programme. They should have a minimum of 50% in the qualifying exam. They are required to do the intermediate exam from science stream. Those who are willing to join the research programmes are required to have a masters’ in the concerned field.

How to prepare for exam and interview?

Aspirants should be thorough with the qualifying exam syllabi. There are many books specially published for the concerning exam, which students can purchase from nearby bookstores and practice with it very religiously. These books are excellent resources, which will give genuine guidelines as to prepare in the exam and interview. The personal attributes requirement as to become a Photonics specialist is to have a good basic knowledge in physics and Mathematics. The candidates should also be creative and must have excellent communication skill along with managerial ability. They should also be able to work individually and also in a team.



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