PTU MCA 2nd Sem-Object Oriented Programming in C++ (MCA-202) Papers


Object oriented programming is a programming platform using objects, i.e. data structures which comprise data fields and methods combined to design various programs and applications for computers. This subject clears the basic level of programming so that it becomes easy for the students to grab the higher and tougher concepts of C++. Unless the basic concept gets clear it is literally very hard for the students to get on with major level of programming. Due to the huge expansion of IT sectors Masters of Computer Application finds its dignity on the top in the field of jobs.

Importance of the subject:

This is a very important and conceptual subject for the students of MCA. Everything is computerized now days and almost every gadgets as well as equipments are specially programmed to work. Thus came the concept of object oriented programming where programs can be done in various languages such as C, C++, Java, etc.

Paper Pattern:

This paper of Object oriented programming (OOP) is divided into 5 sections, namely section A, B, C, D, E. This is an offline mode test where the use of non programmable calculators is allowed and students are permitted to write on the answer sheet provided in the exam hall. Students have to attend 1 question each from Sections A, B, C and D and section E is compulsory which comprises of short answer type or objective type questions.

Frequently asked questions:

Few of the important questions are;

Give the difference between unions, structures and classes.

Write in brief about memory management function: MALLOC, CALLOC with examples.

What is single operator overloading? Explain with a suitable program.

Marks and Time:

The total marks allotted to this theory paper are 60 and the time given for completion of this paper is 3 hours.


Ivor Horton’s Beginning Visual C++ by Ivor Horton.

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