PTU MCA 2nd Semester Papers


The second semester MCA papers are worth 60 marks. The student is given the time duration of three hours. The paper pattern comprises of a total of 9 questions. There are four sections. Each section has two questions under it. The candidate has to answer one question from each of the sections. Each question carries 10 marks. There is another fifth section called section E. The candidate is supposed to answer two questions from the given ten questions. Each question in section E is again of 10 marks.

The MCA papers of semester two comprises of topics like Management Information System, Object Oriented Programming using C++, Data Communication & Networks, Principles of Management and Introduction to Micro Processor etc. The second semester paper will have questions only from the given syllabus. The student can gain access to the syllabus through the website. It is important to know the most important questions to be asked in the exam. The student is expected to write detailed answers with adequate and supportive conclusions. Be sure to get the question papers of the revised syllabus from the net. It will be helpful if you chose to ask your professors about the assessment pattern for the exam.

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    i wnat all old papers of mca 2nd semester

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    i want to old question papers of mba 2ND semester

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    last 10 year question paper of data communication & network

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    mention the applications of AND and OR gate?

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    ebook for mca student from ptu is not avleble this time since all university provided all subject ebook but ptu ebook not . why?