Punjab National Bank, Agriculture Officers Exam Papers


Punjab National Bank is one of the renowned and prestigious bank corporations in India. It is one of the leading banks of the country and is serving a long chain of customers. To serve the customers, the bank recruits many probationary officers for various segments and spheres. This is how the need and requirement of agricultural officers comes into play.

Paper description:

The paper of Punjab National bank, Agricultural Officers is a paper that deals with biological aspect of agriculture. The paper is to recruit officers who have proper knowledge and understanding about agriculture. This is necessary because these officers will have to look after the agricultural investment the bank makes. That is why the paper deals with the knowledge of agriculture and agricultural factors.

Frequently asked questions:

The paper is designed in such a way that no question gets repeated. However, there are few topics from which questions are asked almost every year. These topics include fertilizers, soil preparations, and yield factor of the soil and crop quality. The questions are also asked on the types of crops and the effect of high or low amount of fertilizers.

Paper pattern:

The Punjab National Bank, Agriculture Officers Exam Paper is a paper that tests the knowledge of the candidates on agriculture and agricultural factors. That is why the paper has questions related to crops and agriculture. The paper has all together 40 questions in the paper. The questions are all MCQS or Multiple choice questions. The question has 5 options in it out of which only one is correct. The candidates are also charged with negative marking scheme for every wrong scheme.

Recommended book:

The best book one can prefer for the examination is AGROFORESTRY by Sunil Puri; Bioinoculants by R.P Gupta

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