Punjab Technical University BBA Ist Semester-Organizational Behaviour Papers


BBA is the graduation course which enables the candidates to specialize them in business administration, get higher post in companies and to fasten the growth of a company. The degree enables to get a job in the most public sectors and required by every sector to succeed.

Paper Pattern:

Question paper in the 1st semester-Organizational Behaviour is a subjective paper. Total number of questions in the paper is 7 and candidates appearing have to attempt only 5 from it. The 1st question is compulsory and candidates have to choose 4 questions from the last 6 questions. Question number 1 is comprises of short answer questions and total number of questions is 10. The next 4 questions are of long answer type and need to be answered in specified word limit. The questions of short answers type are to be answered in one-two lines only.

Frequently asked questions:

Questions asked in the paper are subjective type based on the practical knowledge of a candidate. Questions asked are such as concept of transaction analysis, different theory of Organizational Behaviour given by different specialist, short answers type questions such as definitions of Organizational Behaviour, learning, job satisfaction, emotional intelligence etc. Long answer type questions on Organisational culture are also asked in the paper.

Total Marks and time allotted:

Maximum marks which can be awarded in this paper are 60 and time allotted for it is 3 hours. Questions asked are divided into two parts, 1st part is of 20 marks, 2 marks per question for 10 questions and next part is of 40 marks, 10 marks per question for 4 questions.

Recommended Books:

  • Organizational behaviour by Pearson Education
  • Organizational behaviour by SP Robbins
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