University of Pune-B.Tech 1st Semester-Basic Electrical Engineering Papers


Degree in engineering is in high demand and job opportunities are very much after this degree. Basic Electrical engineering is a main subject and everyone has to study this paper seriously. Electrical engineers are required in every field and thus have great future prospects.

Paper Pattern:

Questions in the paper are of subjective type and questions asked are from different parts of the syllabus. The paper contains 12 questions which are divided into two sections equally. From each section, 3 out of 6 questions are to be attempted. Each question in the paper has its own alternative. Questions in the paper are further divided into sub-questions for the ease of students. Students appearing in the paper should write answers of both sections separately. Use of calculators is permissible. Circuit diagram should be drawn in the answers if required.

Frequently asked questions:

Questions in the paper are of subjective type. The questions asked are from the different module of the syllabus, such as fundamentals of electric circuits, resistive network analysis, AC network analysis, transient analysis, AC power, electro machines, electric machines, electronic instrumentation and measurements, power in AC circuits, magnetic field, DC machines, DC generators, theorems and principles of DC motor, steady current etc. are asked in the paper.

Total marks and time allotted:

Maximum marks which can be awarded in this paper are 100 and time allotted to solve this paper is 3 hours. Each question from section A is of 17 marks and each question from section B is of 16 marks.

Recommended Books:

  • Electrical Engineering by BK Threja
  • Basic electrical engineering by TMH
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