Tamil Nadu Open University-MCA Ist Year-Computer Fundamentals (MCA 01) Papers


Tamil Nadu Open University was founded by the act Legislative Assembly of the Tamil Nadu Government in order to impart higher education for the candidates those are weaker in economic, working peoples etc. The university conducts an examination of computer fundamentals for the 1st semester course of Master in Computer Application.  

Paper Description:

The Computer Fundamentals papers are basically deals with the detailed knowledge about all the hardware concepts and parts of a computer. It also provides information about different parts of CPU organization. This also gives the knowledge about microprocessors and assembly language required in a computer. This paper is coded as MCA 01.

Paper pattern:

The MCA Ist Year-Computer Fundamentals (MCA 01) Paper is distributed in two groups A and B respectively. The first group of the paper deals with short answer type questions and each question in this group is of five marks. The second part of this paper are of 50 marks and the questions are of descriptive type. There are options available for each candidate in both these groups.

Frequently asked questions:

Questions in Computer Fundamentals Papers that are asked in most of the times are CPU components, different language assembly tools and control unit etc. Short notes and diagram based questions are also asked in this paper. Questions on multiplexers and Demultiplexers, Data flow, K-Map, Adder and Subtractor, various types of flip flops etc are also asked in this paper.

Full marks and time:

The Computer Fundamentals (MCA 01) Papers is allotted a total of 75 marks and the time span given to each candidate to attempt all the questions, is three hours.

Books Recommended:

  • Computer Organization and Architecture by Stallings, William, Macmillan Int. Edn
  • Computer System Architecture by Mano M. Morris, PHI
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