PTU MBA Organizational Behavior Papers


The organizational behavior paper is a very interesting one in that it uses a lot of concepts from industrial psychology. It attempts to understand in detail who are the people engaged in the varied functions of the organization, what triggers them, what disillusions them. The portion consists of three sections.

The first one gives you a glimpse into what is organizational behavior, why it is important to study it, Values, Attitudes and Job satisfaction, Personality and Emotions and Perception. Section II deals with mainly motivation and group behavior along with interpersonal skills and leadership; Section three mainly comprises of the game of power and politics organizational effectiveness, change and structure.

The paper that you will get will have two parts. But both these parts shall have at least five questions from all the three sections. In the first part you simply have to give point answers without elaboration. In the second part however you are free to draw diagrams and tables or show statistics as well. The second part also gives you options for attempting certain questions and leaving others. It is always helpful to gain an in depth knowledge of the topics in question. It is very crucial in the area of Human Resources.

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    in case study
    Sheila is a clerk at a retail outlet. She earns Rs. 35,000 a year. She is allowed to work her schedule around her daughter’s school athletic events, and because she has seniority over the other clerks, rarely has to work holidays.

    Azman is a new designer for an engineering firm. He earns Rs. 75,000 a year. He must be at the office Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 5:00. His wife attends all their children’s school events. His job is stressful, and if a project is due, he often works weekends and sometimes holidays, although from home.

    How would you compare Sheila and Azman’s levels of job satisfaction? Describe how you would measure their satisfaction and name at least three major job attitudes that play a part in each of their satisfaction levels.

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    sanjay kumar saini:

    discuss the role of organization structure.

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    nadim ahamad:

    what is organisational behaior? explain its characteristics and nature?