Reference Books for IIT JAM (Biotechnology)


IIT JAM (Biotechnology) comprises of questions from subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Biology and mathematics. Questions for Chemistry and Biology will be based on the topics covered from 10th till graduation and that for Physics and Mathematics from 10th and 12th. Reference books such as Organic Chemistry by Bahl and Bahl, Biochemistry by Lubert Stryer, General Microbiology by R. Y. Stanier, Concepts of Physics by H. C. Verma and Elementary Linear Algebra by H.Anton can be used for exam preparation.

Reference Books for Chemistry

  • A guide book to Mechanism in Organic Chemistry by Peter Sykes
  • Advanced Practical Inorganic Chemistry by Prof. Gurdeep Raj
  • Inorganic Chemistry by J. D. Lee
  • Organic Chemistry by Bahl and Bahl
  • Organic Chemistry by O.P. Agrawal
  • Organic Chemistry by P.L.Soni
  • Physical Chemistry by G.M. Barrow
  • Physical Chemistry by Lewis
  • Principles of Physical Chemistry by Maron and Pruton
  • Reaction and Recovery of Chemicals by S.N. Sanyal
  • Satya Prakash’s Modern Inorganic Chemistry by R D Madan
  • Stereochemistry by Nosipuri
  • Systematic Experimental Physical Chemistry by S.W. Rajbhoj and Dr. T.K Chodhekar

Reference Books for Biology

  • Analytical Biochemistry by Holme
  • Biochemistry by Lubert Stryer
  • Biochemistry by Zubay
  • Chemical Microbiology by Rose
  • General Microbiology by R. Y. Stanier
  • General Virology by S. E. Luria
  • Microbiology by Brock
  • Microbiology by Pelczar
  • Microbiology by Prescott
  • Outline of Biochemistry by Cohn and Stump
  • Practical biochemistry principles and techniques by Wilson and Walker
  • Principle’s of Biochemistry by Lehninger
  • Principles of Bacteriology by A. J. Salle
  • Text book of Microbiology by Tortora

Reference Books for Physics

  • Concepts of Physics by H. C. Verma
  • Mechanics by Hans and Puri
  • Basic Thermodynamics by Evylen Guha
  • Fundamentals of vibration and waves by S P Puri (Tata McGraw Hill)
  • Properties of matter and Acoustics by R Murugeshan and K.Shivaprasath
  • Electricity and Magnetism by D. Chattopadhaya and P. C. Rakshit
  • Concepts of Modern Physics by A. Beiser
  • Principles of Electronics by V K Mehta and Rohit Mehta

Reference Books for Mathematics

  • Abstract Algebra by Bhattacharya, Jain & Nagpal
  • Elementary Linear Algebra by H.Anton
  • Calculus by M. J. Strauss, G. L. Bradley and K. J. Smith
  • A text –Book of Vector Calculus by Shanti Narayan
  • A course of Mathematical Analysis by Shanti Narayan
  • Fundamentals of Real Analysis by V.K Krishnan
  • Mathematical Analysis by Binmore K.G
  • Principles of Mathematical Analysis by Rudin .W
  • Differential equations and the calculus of variations by Yankosky
  • Partial differential equations – methods and applications by Mcowan, R.C
  • Differential Calculus by Gorakh Prasad
  • Complex variable – Theory and application by Kasana H.S
  • An Introduction to Probability and Statistics by Rohatgi, V. K. and Saleh, A. K
  • Introduction to Probability Models by Ross, S. M
  • Statistics by Murray & Spiegel

Exam preparations can be done using model question papers and competition guides. Study materials collected from web portals can also help in exam preparation.



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