Reference Books for Mysore University M.A (Economics) Entrance Exam


Topics related to areas like Indian Economy, Macro Economics, and Banking and Finance are asked for M.A (Economics) Entrance Exam in Mysore University. Thorough exam preparation is necessary to clear the entrance test. Reference books such as Economics by Sloman, John, Macroeconomics by Eugene Diulio, Elements of Mathematical Economics by Kooros, The Indian Economy: Major Debate since Independence by Byres, The Public Finance by Houghton, J.M, and International Economics by Soderston can be used for study.

Main Topics under the syllabus for M.A (Economics) Entrance Exam

  • Economics and Development
  • Indian Economy
  • International Economics
  • Macro Economics
  • Managerial Economics
  • Mathematics and Statistics for Economics
  • Micro Economics
  • Rural Development

Books for Micro Economics

  • ‘Principles of Economics’ by Case, Karl E and Fair, Ray C
  • Economics by Sloman, John
  • Economics, 18th Edition by Samuelson, Paul A and Nordhaus William D
  • Micro Economics (Theory and Applications) by Salvatore, Dominick

Books for Macro Economics

  • Macroeconomic Analysis by Shapiro, E
  • Macroeconomics by Eugene Diulio
  • Macroeconomics by Dornbusch, R, Fischer S and Startz, R
  • Macroeconomics by Froyen

Books for Mathematics and Statistics for Economics

  • An Introduction to Mathematical Economics by Bose, D C
  • Basic Statistics for Economics and Business by Hoel, P G & Jesson, R J
  • CA Foundation Course in Mathematics Arora, P N & Arora S
  • Elements of Mathematical Economics by Kooros, A
  • Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics by Chiang, Alpha C
  • Fundamentals of Statistics by Gupta, S C
  • Mathematical Analysis Business and Economic Applications by Weber, Jean E
  • Mathematical Analysis for Economists by Allen, R G D
  • Mathematics and Statistics for Economists by Monga, G S
  • Mathematics for Economists by Yamane, Taro
  • Statistics for Economists – An Introduction by Beals, R E

Books for Indian Economy

  • The Development Process of Indian Economy by Brahmananda, P.R. and Panchmukhi
  • The Indian Economy – Problem and Prospects by Jalan, Bimal
  • The Indian Economy- Recent Developments and Future Prospects by Lucas, E.B., and Papanek, G.F
  • The Indian Economy: Major Debate since Independence by Byres, T J

Books for Managerial Economics

  • Managerial Economics by Brigham and Pappas
  • Managerial Economics by Joel Dean
  • Managerial Economics by Mc Guigan Charles R
  • Managerial Economics by Spencer and Siegelman
  • Managerial Economics by Varshney, R.L. and maheshwarim K.L
  • Problems in Business Economics by Mc Nair and Meriam

Books for Public Economics

  • Government Finance in Developing Countries by Goode, R
  • Handbook of Public Economics by Auerbach, A.J And M. Feldstern (Eds)
  • Lectures on Public Economics by Atkinsin, A.B. and J.E. Siglitz
  • The Public Finance by Houghton, J.M
  • The Public Finances by Buchanan, J.M

Books for International Economics

  • Essays on Indian Monetary and BOP Experience by Lakshmana Rao
  • International Economics by Cherunilam, Francis
  • International Economics by Salvatore
  • International Economics by Soderston
  • International Economics: Theory and Policy by Krugman, P.R. and M. Obstfeld
  • International Trade by Bhagwati
  • International Trade: Theory and Policy by Chacholiades

Books for Rural Development

  • Rural Development by Sundaram I. Satya
  • Fundamentals of Rural Development (A Systems Approach), by Desai, Vasant

Other than text books, candidates can go for e-books for study. Study materials collected from web can also be used for study.



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