Reference Books for M.A in Economics Entrance Exam


Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Indian Economy, International Economics, etc are some main topics covered under  M.A in Economics entrance test. Reference books based on the syllabus will help the candidate to get prepared for the exam in a thorough manner.

Main topics covered under M.A in Economics Entrance Exam

  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Quantitative Methods for Economic Analysis
  • Computer Applications in Economics
  • Indian Economy
  • Mathematical Economics and Econometrics
  • International Economics
  • International Trade and Finance

Books on Microeconomics

  • Microeconomics: Theory and Applications by Dominick Salvatore
  • Modern Microeconomics by A. Koutsoyannis
  • Social Science and its methods in Social Science: An Introduction to the Study of Society by Hunt, Elgin
  • Methodology and Perspectives of Social Science by Abhijit Kundu
  • Economics by Lipsey R. and A Chrystal

Books on Macroeconomics

  • Economics by Lipsey R. and A Chrytal
  • Macro economic Theory by Eugene Diutio
  • Macro economics by Edward Shapiro
  • Macro Economics by Errol D’Souza
  • Macro economics by Gregory Mankiw
  • Macro economics by Richard T. Frogmen
  • Methodology and Perspectives of Social Science by Abhijit Kundu
  • Microeconomic Theory by Dominick Salvatore

Books for Quantitative Methods for Economic Analysis

  • Essential Mathematics for Economic Analysis by Sydsaeter K and P. Hammond
  • Introductory Mathematics for Economics and Business by Holden K and A.W. Pearson
  • Basic Mathematics and Its Application in Economics by Barauh.S
  • Mathematical Analysis for Economist by Allen R.G.D
  • Mathematical Methods for Business and Economics by Dowling E.T

Books for Computer Applications in Economics

  • Comdex Computer Course Kit by Vikas Gupta
  • Foundations of IT by Sharma D

Books on Indian Economy

  • Development with Dignity by Amit Bhaduri
  • Indian Agriculture since Independence by Bhalla, G.S
  • Indian Economy Environment and policy by IC Dhingra
  • Indian Economy: Performance & Policies by Uma , Kapila

Books on Mathematical Economics and Econometrics

  • Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics by Chiang A.C. and K. Wainwright
  • Introduction to Mathematical Economics by Dowling E.T
  • Mathematical Economics by R.G.D Allen
  • Mathematics for Economics by Mehta and Madnani
  • Mathematics for Economics by Joshi and Agarwal
  • Mathematics for Economics by Taro Yamane
  • Basic Econometrics by Damodar N.Gujarati
  • Econometrics by Koutsoyiannis

Books on International Economics

  • International Economics by Dominick Salvatore
  • International Economics by Bo Soderstien and Geoffrey Reed
  • International Economics by Francis Cherunilam
  • International Economics by Mannur, H.G

Books on Banking

  • Banking in India by S.K. Basu
  • Central Banking by M.D. Decock
  • Indian Economy by I.C. Dhingra
  • Modern Banking by R.S. Sayers
  • Studies in Practical Banking by Milnes Holdern

Certain Universities include aptitude questions along with subject related questions. In such cases, the candidate should refer books on quantitative aptitude, reasoning, etc for preparation. Preparation for the exam must be made in accordance with the prescribed syllabus.



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