Reference books for Rani Durgavati Vishwavidyalaya M.Phil (Economics) Entrance Exam


The general syllabus for M.Phil Economics Entrance Exam consists of Micro-economic Analysis, Macro-economic Analysis, Public Finance, International Economics, Indian Economy, Statistical Methods, Development and Planning. Students can refer books like Macro-economic Theory and Policy by Ackley G., Micro-economic Theory and Application by Sen. A, Modern Public Economics by Jha H. Planning and Development in India by Gupta .S.P and many more.

Reference books for M.Phil Economics Entrance Exam

Books to refer for Micro-economic Analysis

  • A Course in Microeconomic Theory by Kreps David M
  • Microeconomics: Theory and Application by Sen.A
  • 4th Edition of Theory of Price by Stigler.G
  • 16th Edition of Economics by W.O. Nordhaus and Samuelson P.A
  • Microeconomic Analysis by Verian.H
  • Advanced Economic Theory: Microeconomic Analysis by Ahja
  • Economics by Michale Perkin
  • Business Economics by Chaturvedi, Pal and Gupta

Books to refer for Macro-economic Analysis

  • Macroeconomics by D’souza Errol
  • Macroeconomics: Theory and Policy by Ackley G.
  • Macroeconomic Theory and Policy by Branson W.A
  • Macroeconomics and the Real World by A. Salansi and Blackhouse R
  • Contemporary Macroeconomics Theory and Policy by Jha R
  • Macroeconomics by J.B Taylor and Hall R.E
  • Advanced Macroeconomics by Romer D.L
  • Macroeconomic Analysis by Shapiro.E
  • Macroeconomic Themes by Surrey M.J.C

Books to refer for Public Finance

  • Public Finance in Theory and Practice by Richard A. Musgrave
  • Modern Public Economics by Jha H
  • The Public Finances by Buchaman J.M.
  • Public Finance in Developed and Developing Countries by Singh S.K
  • Lectures on Public Economics by J.E. Siglitz and Atkinson A.B
  • Fiscal Federalism – Issues and Policies by Hemlata Rao
  • Fiscal Policy in Underdeveloped Countries by Chelliah R.J

Books to refer for International Economics

  • International Economics Theory and Policy by Paul R. Krugman & Maurice Obstfeld
  • International Trade by Bhagwati, J
  • International Trade : Theory and Policy by Chacholiades, M
  • International Economics by Carbough, R.J
  • 5th Edition of International Economics: Study, Guide and Work Book by Dana, M.S.
  • International Economics by Dunn, R.M. and J.H. Mutti

Books to refer for Statistical Methods

  • Applied Statistics by Gupta S. P
  • Applied General Statistics by Croxton and Dudley

Books to refer for Development and Planning

  • Development Planning: Models and Methods by Todaro, M.P.
  • Planning for an Expanding Economy by Brahmananda, P.R. and C.N. Vakil
  • Development Planning: The Indian Experience by Chakravarti, S

Books to refer for Indian Economy

  • Indian Economy by Datt R. & K.P.M. Sundharm
  • Indian Economy by Misra S.K. & V.K.Puri
  • Indian Economy Problems of Development and Planning by Agrawal A.N

Apart from the above mention students can refer other books from public libraries and educational portals. A thorough knowledge in concerned areas will be required to acquire Master of Philosophy in Economics degree.



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