Salaries after M.Tech in Remote Sensing


Master of Technology in Remote Sensing is a 2 year post graduation degree which deals with the study of advance level technical concepts in the area of Remote Sensing. This mainly deals with the Geographic Information Systems and also GPS technology. Master of Technology in Remote Sensing graduates can find a lot of job openings in the field and also in its related fields. The remuneration offered will vary with the job profile and also in the firm in which they are engaged. The details regarding the salaries offered for Master of Technology in Remote Sensing graduates in various sectors are discussed below.

Salaries after M.Tech in Remote Sensing in Government Organizations

M.Tech in Remote Sensing graduates can find numerous career openings in Government sector organizations. They can engage as Scientists, Project Coordinator or else as Project Scientists in research firms. Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI) and Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR) etc are the top firms in the Public sector that offers employment for M.Tech in Remote Sensing graduates. National Remote Sensing Agency is yet another Public sector firm that employs these people. Teaching field is also a good alternative for these graduates in this sector.  For entry level jobs they may get salary packages in the range of Rs.20000/- to Rs.35000/- per month. With the improvement of their grades, the remuneration may rise up to Rs.60000/- per month in the Government sector firms.

Salaries after M.Tech in Remote Sensing in Private Organizations

In Private sector also, these graduates will be provided with a lot of career opportunities in the field and also in its allied field. Various space research centers and educational institutions are the main employment giving organisations for these graduates in the Private sector. These graduates can expect salary packages of up to Rs.50000/- per month in Private sector for entry level jobs. With good experience in the field one can earn more than Rs. 1 lakh per month.

Salaries after M.Tech in Remote Sensing Abroad

M.Tech in Remote Sensing graduates can earn very good salary packages in several under takings abroad. Mostly these people are engaged in research oriented units. The most demanded job profile of an M.Tech in Remote Sensing graduate is GIS Programmer These people have opportunity to work in various other fields of work as well in foreign countries. These people can earn up to Rs.100000/- per month in the entry level jobs itself. With the improvement of their grades they can earn in the range of Rs.300000/- to Rs.500000/- per month.



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    where to get the syllabus for entrance exam?

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    Sir,I am doing my BE(ECE), after finishing this I want to do PG in remote sensing whether my option is correct.If it is correct means please tell me which is the best college to join PG(remote sensing) in Tamilnadu as well as in India.

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    i am doing sensing) in anna university thirunelveli.plz tell me GIS companies in mail id is:[email protected]

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    sir,i have completed my branch was INFORMATION i want to do M.TCEH IN REMOTE SENSING.please give me detail about gov.jod n private job after doing this………..please help me………………..

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    Rahul Bhadrwaj:

    please give me detail about the future of Mtec in the field of remotesensing and how am i be able to get admission in this field, what subject should i prepare for this.
    Iam doing Master in Geographical information science and technology from kumaun university,Nainital…………
    please help me..