Sathyabama University-B.E in EEE-5th Sem Special Electrical Machines Papers


Electrical machines are a very important branch of electrical engineering and the students of EEE have to read it in their 5th semester. The concepts of single phase and 3-phase transformers are well applied in this paper. The students are made aware of the different components and working of both AC and DC machines.

Importance of the paper

Electrical machines designing is a very important paper for the students of EEE, where in students learn to design and operate both AC and DC machines for designing complex and sophisticated machinery. There is a huge demand for skilled technocrats efficient in machine designing. This paper should be learn and understood well in order to be a successful engineer.

Paper Pattern:

Paper contains questions divided into 2 sections; Section A consists of 10 questions and each question is compulsory to be attempted. Section B is of 10 questions but only 5 from it is needed to be solved. Each question in each group is of equal marks.

Frequently asked questions:

Questions asked in the paper are such as effect of air gap length on overload capacity of induction motor,DC machine loss,constructional details in rotor windings used in hydro and turbo generators, windage loss, phenomenon of cogging and crawling, SCR and its effect on the performance of synchronous machines,types of rotating machines,hysteresis loss, hydro electric generator, copper loss, use of fractional shot winding, capacity of a transformer, , leakage reactance of transformers, synchronous and asynchronous machines, electrical resistivity,etc.

Time and marks:

A maximum of 80 marks are provided for the questions paper and the students get 3 hours to write.

Recommended books:

Electrical Machines,  V. K. Mehta

Electrical Machines, N. N. Bhargava

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