[Scholarships Updates] Day 3


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Day 3:

On day 3 of our Scholarship Month, we saw a lot more seriousness from the members. Number of registrations dropped a little, that’s understandable, but they are still a lot higher than what we expected. We are working to place a leaderboard (top members list) somewhere on the forum, so that you would know who stands where, the leaderboard should be up in a day or two, positively.

Someone suggested us that we should give weekly scholarships instead of monthly, because a month is a long time, true. We liked this suggestion, so, from next scholarship month onwards you might get weekly scholarships. We need to think about this a bit more before we make any decision.

Above all, we appreciate your contribution to the forum and hope that you’ll keep it up.

See you all, tomorrow.

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4 Responses to “[Scholarships Updates] Day 3”

  1. 4

    selection schme of NTSE.

  2. 3
    kausik mandal:

    any schoiarship for diploma second year engineering students

  3. 2

    I have done BE in mechanical.I want to do post graduation.I should do MBA or M-Tech. Please guide.

  4. 1
    anubha shukla:

    please send the name who is selected.