Scope after M.Sc in Biochemistry


Biochemistry is a field of science which has got application of both Biology and Chemistry. The subject basically deals with the study of various chemical processes taking place within a living organism. M.Sc in Biochemistry is a 2 year post graduate programme which includes study of various subjects such as molecular biology, Enzymology, clinical biochemistry, biochemical techniques, and so on. The course aims in providing knowledge regarding the structure and function of living organisms at molecular level. The course is gaining much popularity among the students as it offers immense scope both in respect of higher study options and also for pursuing a career.

Higher studies options after M.Sc in Biochemistry

  • Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) in Biochemistry
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Biochemistry
  • Doctor of Medicine (MD) in Biochemistry

In addition to these, there are also various certification courses which can be done after the M.Sc in Biochemistry course. They are

  • Certificate Course in Applied Biochemistry
  • Certificate Course in Clinical Biochemistry
  • Higher Diploma in Applied Biochemistry

Career scope after M.Sc in Biochemistry

The career scopes offered for the M.Sc in Biochemistry graduates are immense. Various public as well as private sector companies recruit these graduates to numerous job openings. They can work in different firms such as research laboratories, pharmaceutical industries, diagnostic centres, biotech firms, hospitals, agricultural industries, drug manufacturing companies, forensic departments, cosmetic industries, food institutes, health care centres, clinical labs, and so on. In these firms, one can choose the job prospects of consultant / medical laboratory technician / business specialist / physician / regulatory affairs specialist / quality control inspector / toxicologist / product development manager / geneticist / chemist / cytologist / clinical research specialist. One can also get into teaching profession for courses such as B.Sc, M.Sc, B.V.Sc, B.Pharm, BPT, etc. In addition to the job opportunities offered in India, the candidates also have immense scope abroad.

Jobs in Government Sector after M.Sc in Biochemistry

The M.Sc in Biochemistry graduates have huge possibilities of securing a job in various government sectors such as the agriculture and fisheries department, environmental pollution control board, government hospitals, public health entities, blood service units, cancer research institutes, public health laboratories, forensic science department, overseas development board, social welfare board, and so on. Biochemists are also highly demanded in several pharmaceutical firms, food industries and agro chemical companies so as to build up newer products.  They are also required to monitor the manufacturing processes, quality control and safety of the existing products.



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    Respected Sir/Mam,
    I have completed M.Sc Biochemistry in a college affiliated to Osmania University so will I be eligible to do MD in biochemistry if so please suggest me some medical colleges in India & say the admission procedure.
    I have one more question that does the Clinical SAS have any scope.

  2. 15
    arif husain:

    sir/madam i want to know that after biochemstry can i eligible to teach biology/chemisry as a pgt teacher ?

  3. 14
    Archana mukta:

    can i do Md in bichemistry after msc in plant biochemistry if i m eligible than plz sugget me some medical college in india and procedure of taking admission in them if not than also suggest me what should i do to take admission in Md in biochemistry because now i realy want to do MD in biochemisty please help i dont hv any guide line from any one just want admission in medical college please help me

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    i want to do msc clinical biochemistry corresondance it is benificial to do

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    So if u possible means help for my job

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    What is Main scope in biochemistry?
    Why this is called life science subject?
    I have finished philosophy this subject but i m doing now other since no value in Tamilnadu ?

  7. 10

    What is the salary after finishing M. Sc in Bio-Chemistry?

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    kapil mehta:

    i am 12th class bio student and i want to know after 12th which field should i prefare
    pls guide me sir

  9. 8

    i have done my msc biochemistry .. is there any jobs in labs which offers training… and pls inform about food industries, agro industries which offer training.

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    is there any jobs in reddy’s lob for msc biochemistry students?

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    I am the student of final year biochemistry student i would like to study Ph.D with stipend. what is the procedure to get stipend. please help me.Thank you.

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    I have some queries regarding MSc Biochemistry.
    1. According to UGC Norms, which stream (Zoology, Botany, Chemistry) Biochemistry PG students apply for teaching in Degree Colleges.
    2. I have done Msc Biochemistry and PhD in Chemical Eng. so i need to know .Wheter i am eligible to teach in Degree/ Universities/ Engineering Colleges.

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    What are d job scope for nutritionist in india.

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    Pleas tell about name or list of food industries, agro industries and pharma industries which offer training programs for students in india. Thank you

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    I am student of final year (biochemistry) .so,please tell about those food industries which offer traning programs for biochemistry students and food application related certificate courses for P.G passout biochemistry students with thier institutes. thank you

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    what is the qualification to join bio chemistry?