Bio-Chemistry or Micro-Biology: which is better?


Generally, both these courses are treated as two sides of the same coin. The main branch of both these studies are same namely Biology. Biochemistry and Micro Biology are equally good in their own respects which studies two different subjects from two different angles. Hence for determining which course is better compared to another can be done by looking into each of them separately.

Bio Chemistry

Bio Chemistry is the science that deals with the study relating to the chemical reactions in living organisms. Biochemistry is regarded as a separate discipline where the main research is done to find out the chemical components of various living organisms’ namely-plants, insects, micro organisms etc to observe their reactions and the reasons for show reactions.  . A graduate level study in case of Bio chemistry is the most appropriate.

The BSc – Bio Chemistry is the graduate level course which is usually taken up by the students. Detailed studies regarding the various aspects of Bio chemistry are covered during this course. The above course has immense scope which mainly involves in the field of research. Some of the important areas of study in case of Biochemistry being- Organic chemistry , Bio- chemical & physical studies , immunology, clinical & nutritional biochemistry etc.  The candidates who have done a graduation degree in the Biochemistry can opt in for the Masters as it may give them more career prospects. The main job opportunities lies in the field of Forensic Science, Pharmacological companies etc. Since this is mainly a Research oriented subject one can probably opt in for PhD programs which will help them to get involved in more research oriented departments in both public as well as private sectors.

Micro Biology

Micro Biology on the other hand is the science which deals with the science of microorganisms which can be viewed only with the help of a microscope not with the human eyes. Microbiology studies have significantly contributed towards the growth of other subject areas such as Biochemistry and all. The important topics which are covered in Micro biology are virology, bacteriology, applied microbiology etc. After completing BSc – Microbiology, one can opt in for MSc in the same field. Another important option may be joining for MBA –Biotechnology. In order to get good job opportunities a post graduate level of study is important since most of the companies prefer MBAs. They can find jobs in agricultural and other pharmaceutical companies, hospitals etc in public sector and as well as private companies.

Which of the courses is better?

Regarding the question that which course is better it’s a difficult to give an opinion. Both the above courses have their own job prospects and opportunities. It depends on the individual to decide on which course one should pursue depending upon ones interests and skills. Both the above courses are in demand among the candidates. The former is a pure research oriented subject hence can be adopted by people who are good in that particular field. No course is superior to another and scope of the subjects taken for study mainly depends on individual’s interests and commitment to explore all the possible avenues in that area.



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  1. 9
    Archana Rawat:

    l have complited my in biochemistry and M.Sc in biochemistry. l want to know the job opportunities in it.

  2. 8
    sikha tiwari:

    in future chem. or micro which will have more scope

  3. 7
    kapil mehta:

    i am in 12th class bio student i want to know that after 12th which field i should prefare biochemistry,forensic or pharmacy
    pls guide me

  4. 6
    shivani uppal:

    msc organic chemistry or inorganic chem ..which is better? which has a better scope?

  5. 5

    which is most useful course biochemistry or microbiology? some details about bio chem

  6. 4
    Abhin aravind:

    I am student of Bsc chemistry at zamorin’s guruvayurappan college calicut kerala india

    I want to be a doctarate person in chemistry.After Bsc chemistry what are the scope for a job and how will i fullfill my ambition. Which colleges are best for that?

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    apllication distripute dates from enterense

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    Ram dayal:

    Dear Sir/ Madam,
    I am also done the M.Sc. MLT by PTU , so i request to you please advised me MSc MLT elegible for P.HD. In bio -chemistery . If eligible , Who university or institute provide the P.HD. in Boi - chemistry.

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    i wanted to do genetics iheard that bio-chem is also good subject may i know whoch is having better scope plz reply to my mail