Scope of M.Sc in India


India is a place where higher study is given a very high preference, so today in the competitive world it plays a very vital role. Today M.Sc in India is providing a base platform for those who want to get involved in higher studies and to get some good results in future. After graduation it opens various fields for many students to fulfil his/her desires. Not only has this it also enabled a student to get into some good respectable jobs in India and abroad. Because of this M.Sc has a commendable charm when it comes to opt for a career after the bachelor’s degree.

After completing M.Sc any student can easily go to the Research network line which enables them to go for their dream organizations like the ones of BARC, ISRO etc.
Secondly, it provides the all necessary platform for the individual who want to pursue higher education in Doctorate degree.

Thirdly, it also provides student the opportunity to get involved in teaching line which is no doubt a respectable job in any society. For many courses like M.Phil, PhD, lecturer ship in the field of science M.Sc is a necessary criterion.

Today when India is rising as an IT hub, this M.Sc degree has a remarkable position. M.Sc in IT OR computers helps a student to get some good jobs in the MNC’s related to IT and computer sector. Not only this, there are many companies, industries and other sectors which provides good jobs to the M.Sc degree holders.



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  1. 57

    i m completed msc math previous year n i got 50% only m too mch fruster abt my result i dnt knw wat i can do i thnk i leave msc N do ssc cochng my desisn is right or wrong?

  2. 56

    now i gave tybsc 3rd sem exam and 4th sem exam ..i got 86:33%min 3rd sem..did i take wrong decision….by taking botny…

    i heard that there is more zob oppurtunities for chemistry in indusries
    what are u giving me advice…..

    my every decision was going wrong….i got 79%in 12 th science…bt then i completed d.ed….

    now i cant take any decision on ..please u will give me guideline……to seure my carreear…

  3. 55
    Rajesh Gupta:

    I am completed my MSc in IT field and My mind is questionable what i do Bcoz My pecentage critria is not full fill with any compnies not even any college take as lectuarer i am so frusted i don’t know what i do in my life??

  4. 54


  5. 53
    chetan garg:

    i have complete my bds degree &i want to know about what subject&which colloge &how to enter this is better for me

  6. 52
    What is scops in msc physics and msc mathematics:

    I have done bsc in maths computer application.

  7. 51

    What is scope of MSc. ethno-botany in terms of job and other opportunities..pls brief me

  8. 50

    which has more job guarantee and high salary job? msc chemistry or msc biotechnology?

  9. 49

    I m a student from Bangladesh. How can i get admission into any university for M.Sc in India after completing B.Sc in computer science in my country? Do all university require GATE score? What other requirments are?

  10. 48
    Ankita dwivedi:

    What is the best opstion of in physical chemistry.

  11. 47
    baseer fatima:

    what is the scope of in microbiology completed in the teaching field in schools n colleges?

  12. 46

    sir i hav done my bsc. medical with botany, zoo,chem. But i dont lyk chem at all. i want to do msc in botany or in zoo bt people say dat there is no scope for plz guide me in a right direction and suggest me some courses of 1 year which have better scope

  13. 45
    priyanka diwakar:

    which one college is best for in india?
    what is the scope of in physics ?

  14. 44
    Sumit Gorivale:

    I am in last year of M.Sc.I.T Is there any need to have a certification courses to get job in programming sector specially in J2EE platform.

  15. 43
    Manisha Joshi:

    Which one college is the best for M.Sc IT in Uttrakhand????

  16. 42
    baljit sharma:

    Good morning sir,
    I have total 8 years experience in IT field and i have certification in Solaris Certified System Administrator (SCSA)
     CX-300-200
     CX-300-202
    Worked as System Engineer for Wipro InfoTech Ltd. and now System Administrator in other company.
    my qualification is MSc IT.
    suggest me if i want to start my own work in IT field and help me for my better career.

    With Regards,

  17. 41

    future of zoology msc in india

  18. 40

    what is the scope of job for biotech,b.ed in teaching line?can this qualification get classes of +1,+2 for teaching?is there any scope for lecturership?

  19. 39

    What is scope for M.Sc(Statistics)

  20. 38

    What is the scopes of computer tecnology

  21. 37

    hello sir/mam
    goodnoon..i pursuing my msccomputerscience degree in bharathiyar very interested to research in spacestation.. i plan to do my final year project also regarding to spacestation. But, i dont have any proper guidence. please could you help me and give me support.
    I except your reply soon.

    Thank you
    with regards,

  22. 36

    Sir i am studing last year in Bio-medical physics . what is the opporutnity in your centre

  23. 35

    now am doing my mscit final year as a integrated course pls help me by giving some tips to get a better job

  24. 34

    I have completed BCs & alsodiploma in .net. now I’m searching jobs in IT bt I didnt get any job in IT since they required experienced & post graduated. pls tell me what I have to do?

  25. 33

    is msc IT a good optoin after BE………

  26. 32

    i have completed and m.phil degrees. i want to work in isro space station as a scientist. please help me how can i proceed and how should i make me eligible for that

  27. 31

    i have taken diploma in hardware and networking in the year 2007 after that i m doing job n also taking diploma in computer application in ptu also clear some microsoft papers as well as comptia certification from right now what we do go for msc (I.T) or mba (I.t) my graduation is in commerece field so please suggest me

  28. 30

    what is scope of microbiology student in field of industies

  29. 29

    i m in final year of BCA. i want to know which course is helpful for me after completing BCA, MCA/ M.Sc/ or any other course?

  30. 28

    what is the use of M. Sc.physical chemistry

  31. 27

    my no.

  32. 26

    After BCA which coures is better MCA or MSC IT for getting gud job in IT field ?

  33. 25

    scope of M.Sc in computer science in the fields of ISRO

  34. 24
    deepak vishwakarma:

    What to do after With botany(hons)?

  35. 23

    After BCA which coures is better MCA or MSC IT for getting job ?

  36. 22

    After BCA which coruse is better MCA or MSC IT for getting good job ?

  37. 21

    I am Msc zoology. I wanted to know the scope of MBA biotech and in clinical research please help me.

  38. 20

    I have done B.Sc. and interest in organic chemistry ,
    now I want to do M.Sc. industrial chemistry then ph.d in nano technology
    give me some advise about my choise and scope

  39. 19
    shami dubey:

    hello,I want to know earning status in indore.

  40. 18

    what is bioinformatics and the scope of M Sc Bioinformatics in India? Iam interested in teaching line or reserch field .What should i do to go in these field after M.Sc Bioinformatics

  41. 17
    pratigya singh:

    what is the scope of zoology and botany

  42. 16
    gopal carpenter:

    sir i camlite in PCM & i do chemistry
    what is best job in chemistry

  43. 15

    i have completed chemistry botany and zoology and ihave filled forum in chemistry and msc botany kindly tell which one is better and what option open for me after doing it

  44. 14

    hi….i am piyush , completing my from amravati. now i am second year… plz tel me what will be better after completing my P.G.

  45. 13

    Its urgent,my didi has completed wid chem,botany n zoology ..she wants to do wid chem ..which branch of chemistry has more demand?plz help

  46. 12

    hello sir/mam
    i want to know as i have done in chemistry with 60%,is there any job for me in isro or in barc.dats my chilhood dream to be work in isro/ there any written exam or something that i have to give for the selection.plz tell me regarding all these.

  47. 11

    if i will complet msc in phy.can i get the job in isro?

  48. 10
    Tanzeem Fatma zaidi:

    I did Msc. Biotechnology in 2009. i am not getting job.
    Plz. help me out.

  49. 9
    sehrish baqal:

    i want to do job i am doing msc microbiology sem 2nd

  50. 8
    Pranati Banerjee:

    My son is a good science student in class X11. He is not hopeful of getting IIT of ISI. Interested in studying in good engineering colleges, especially govt. In West Bengal other than Jadavpur and BESU, the rest are worthless. No gurantee that he would qualify for these two.

    Advise what is to be done, if he does not qualify for any good engineering college. Will he change stream?

    The paramount important factor is that he needs a job after graduation because of family requirement.

  51. 7
    Hinomura Yo:

    What is the scope or weightage of an M.Ed Degree in School Level Education? Does the Central or Regional School Service Commission allot marks for M.Ed to the aspiring candidates? Will an M.Ed be given weightage if any candidate is appearing for an exam which will promote him/her to a School Principal? Is M.Ed ONLY meant for Lecturers?

  52. 6

    i m doing msc in microbiology and this is my 3rd sem.i am interested in teaching line or in reserch feild.what should i do to go in these field.

  53. 5
    Ramesh Jagadale:

    I will complete my M.Sc. in Analytical chemistry and i would like to do the job , what are the scope for me?

  54. 4
    rajeev kumar:

    i have done in physical chemistry,and i want to join petroleum field.what r the scope for me?

  55. 3
    parvesh jain:

    i am a MSc. microbiology 3rd sem student.i want a job.

  56. 2
    sauhard gupta:

    what should i do after bsc (electronicc)

    i also want to know that “c dac” after doing msc cs will better or not

  57. 1

    gd mrng sir.actually i have cmpleted P.G. in chemistry and want to know if i clear net exam i’ll be applicable for job in college cadre or not without doing M.Phil or Phd?also tell me wheather B.Ed is compulsary for college cadre or not?