Scope after M.Sc Poultry Production


Poultry farming can said to be the practice of breeding poultry within an enclosed atmosphere. This can be considered to be a subcategory of animal husbandry. Poultry is one amongst the fastest growing sectors in the area of agriculture currently. This versatile industry provides individuals with good career scopes in addition to scope for advanced education.

Experts in the field of poultry farming are needed by big and small companies in this field. Be it the production of feed, the breeding of poultry or health control of these birds; professionals are needed to provide these industries with help and guidance. It is also possible for a specialist in poultry to start their career in fields such as education, management, business and research. Particulars about the scope of aspirants after the PG course in Poultry Production are given below.

Scope for Higher Studies after M.Sc Poultry Production

Once applicants finish their post graduation, they can go for the doctoral program in the relevant field. The IVRI offers students with the PhD program in poultry science and in addition to this, they also provide students with scholarships. In case a person is interested to study overseas, they need to take the IELTS, GRE or TOEFL certification.

One other option that is available for aspirants after the PhD program is to go for the Post Doctoral Fellowship (PDF). The MBA or Diploma in Business Management alongside the M.Sc Poultry Production will provide individuals with better career opportunities with poultry related companies.

Career Opportunities after M.Sc Poultry Production

A significant change in the non crop sector has been noted even since the slowdown in the crop sector. The demand for poultry has gone up and the career prospects available in this field are quite high and are still on the rise. It is estimated that this field currently employs approximately 1.6 million people. Others will get jobs with firms that manufacture feed, equipments or pharmaceuticals.

The poultry industry offers great job opportunities for professionals in the field of poultry production. They can get jobs with firms that function beneath the aegis of the Indian government or they can start an industry on their own. Many private sector firms also offer great job opportunities for aspirants.

Experts in genetics and poultry production are needed by private estates, poultry farms and other areas that breed these birds. These farms employ experts as to give them assistance in their breeding programs. Technicians of this field have much demand because it has been proven by research that with the aid of biology and the many principles of incubation, better breeds of fowls can be bred.



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