Tamil Nadu Board Anglo Indian SLC Examination- English paper I Papers


English is becoming the global language in the present scenario. The subject is an important subject as it holds a great importance in present world as it is important in different job sector. The paper is to be done with proper attention as it is more than a language.

Paper Pattern:

The paper of English is a theoretical paper and questions asked are from the core book, grammar section and the writing skills. The paper contains several questions and each question is further divided into its sub-questions according to their questions. The paper is divided into 3 sections; section A is of 3 questions and it contains several questions in it, section B is of 3 questions and it contains questions from grammar section and section C contains reading skills questions and it has 1 question.

Frequently asked questions:

The paper questions based on the different chapters of the course books; candidates should have a good knowledge in the sections of the books to solve the paper as the literature section contains the maximum marks. Apart from that there are questions from the grammar section such as fill in the blanks, grammatical part and the last section is of reading section.

Total marks and time allotted:

A total of 100 marks can be obtained in the paper by a student and time allotted for the paper is 2 hours and 30 minutes. Section A is of 50 marks, Section B is of 30 marks and Section C is of 20 marks.

Recommended Books:

  • Grammar of S. Chand Publications
  • Grammar of Bharti publications
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