Maharashtra Board Higher Secondary-Economics Papers


The Economics is a term which denotes the meaning of expanses and the market price and managing those. The demand of the products determines the price of an object. Economics is also related to judge a country as we judge a country by its economic strength.

Paper Pattern:

The paper of Economics is a descriptive type of paper and contains questions such as different type of data based questions. Total no. of questions in the paper is 10 and all questions are needed to be solved however each question has its sub-questions from which choices are given to choose. There is only 1 section in the paper. Each question is of equal marks but it is divided into different marks of sub-questions.  The paper is not a technical paper and it demands a good theoretical knowledge in the paper. The paper is to be solved in the given word limits.

Questions asked frequently:

The paper is a non-technical paper and requires a sound knowledge in the paper. Questions asked are such as economic problem, production functions, increase in demands and supply, cost and its value, marginal revenue, monopoly and monopolistic competition, case reserve ratio, consumer equilibrium ratio etc. The paper is of a good subject and students are advised to revise the previous year’s papers.

Total time allotted and Maximum marks:

A student can score a maximum of 80 marks in the paper and time allotted for the paper is 3 hours only. The questions in the paper are of equal marks .The questions are of 8 marks each. The questions are further divided into sub-questions of different marks.

Recommended Books:

  • Higher Secondary Economics by Cuttack & Cuttack sons
  • Economics by Maharashtra Board
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