Tamil Nadu Open University-BBA 2nd Year-Financial Management Papers


A reputed Open University the Tamil Nadu Open University offers various courses, in lots of disciplines. A three years course BBA is one of the popular courses in the Open University. Financial Management is one paper which is present in the 2nd year of the course, and the examinations are held somewhere in May-June months of the year.  

Part A and Part B form two major portions of the paper. The first Part or Part A is a section which consists of short answer type questions, and each question carries 5 marks. The page limit for the question is fixed to 2 pages, and should not cross that under any circumstances. A total of three questions need to be answered from Part A, out of 5 questions in all.

Part B which consists of long answer type questions, in which total of 4 questions need to be answered. Each question carries a total of 15 marks, and 7 questions on the whole are present in the section. The answers should be essay type but not exceed more than 5 pages. Elaborate and detailed answers are appreciated in such questions. For the short answer type questions crisp and to the point questions will be appreciated.

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