Tamil Nadu Open University-MCA 2nd Year- Computer Graphics (MCA 11) Papers


The degree of MCA is a lucrative sector in present time. The job opportunities in this field is very good for the students, the students can easily get a job in a software company after the completion of degree of MCA. The degree is useful in lots of industries as software is the major part to run a firm.

What is taught in this paper?

The subject is the study of computer aided drawings including the structure & designs of different objects. The paper is also study of CAD and the standard way of drawing.

Importance of this subject:

The paper helps to draw the designs very accurate and easily with proper instruments. The paper is required in civil & mechanical area and many firms appoint candidates especially for the computer graphics.

Paper Pattern:

The paper of Computer Graphics is a practical paper and there are 14 questions in the paper. These questions are separated into 2 sections; Section A is of 7 questions from which 4 to be needed to be solved, each question is of equal marks. Section B is of 7 long answering type questions & 4 are to be solved from this section. Each question is of same value.

Frequently asked questions:

The paper contains questions such as fundamentals of vector graphics, basics of transformations, short notes on windowing, polygon clipping, definition of projection, simple DDA algorithm, Bresenham’s circle generation algorithm, design of graphic package, various types of perspective projections, Display file segmentation, d-transformation matrices for scaling, rotation & translation, combined 3d transformations, B-splines which are useful for surface design, various coordinate system in 3d viewing, edge list algorithm for scan converting polygon etc.

Marks and time:

The paper is of 60 marks and time allotted is 3 hours only.

Recommended Books:

  • Computer graphics by James D. Foley
  • Computer Graphics, C Version by Hearn
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