Tamil Nadu Open University-BBA 2nd Year-Quantitative Methods Papers


The Tamil Nadu Open University located in Tamil Nadu is an Open University offering various courses, in different streams and disciplines. BBA, a three year course, is one of the popular courses offered by the university. The 2nd year of the course consists of a paper on Quantitative Methods whose examinations are conducted somewhere in May-June months of the year. Two major portions form the paper which is Part A and Part B. Part A which is a short answer type section consists of questions carrying total marks of 5 each, and has to be answered in a total Page limit of two pages. Three questions need to be answered from Part A, out of a total of 5 questions in all.

Part B consists of long answer type questions which need to be answered in 5 pages as a limit. The marks allotted to each question are 15, and 4 questions in all needs to be answered in the section out of a total of 7. The answers should be well framed, detailed and elaborate. Since it is an essay type question, the weight is also on the length of the answer along with the quality of the answer. For Part A, crisp and to the point answers are appreciated.

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    Respected Sir/Madam

    I stay in bangalore i want study guide for 2nd bba where is it available in banglore pls help me i hav got exams in the month of december

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    i need sylabbus of bba quantitative methods & business law

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    solve the lpp using simplex method
    max Z=3x.1+5x.2+4x.3
    subject to constraints

    solve game problem
    b1 b2 b3 b4

    a1 1 7 3 4

    a2 5 6 4 5

    a3 7 2 0 3