Tamil Nadu Open University MBA- Managing Men (MS-02) Papers


MBA i.e. Masters in Business Administration is the most sought after Master’s degree amongst all. With this degree in your hand you have a better chance of getting a nice job and that too with a decent package. This is reason why most of the universities in India are nowadays are offering MBA degree to the desiring candidates, be it in regular or part time mode.

Tamil Nadu Open University (TNOU) in Chennai is one such University which offers Programmes in many disciplines, Management being one of them. Managing Men is a subject in the first semester of an MBA course done under this university.

How the paper looks like

The Managing Men examination is a 75 mark one in which the question paper has been divided into two distinct parts. Part A comprising of 15 marks whereas Part B comprises of 60 marks. In Part A there is 5 questions and in Part B there are 7 questions. Both the sections have ample choices allowing students to choose the question they can answer best.

Marking Scheme and Paper Pattern:

Each question of Part A holds 5 marks whereas a Part B question is of fifteen marks. The answers should be such that a five mark answer should be of within 2 pages while a fifteen marks answer can be of at a maximum 5 pages in length. The question paper is set such that not only the bookish but also the practical knowledge of the student is tested. All instructions related to answering of questions are given on the question paper itself.

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