Top MLM Companies in India


MLM stands for Multi-level marketing and this is a marketing strategy wherein the sales personnel are compensated not only for the sales generated by them, but also for the sales of others created by them thereby creating a hierarchy of multi levels of compensation and downline of distributors.

Nowadays, multi-level marketing is becoming popular in India and the list of top multi-level marketing companies in India is given below:

AAROH Distribution Private Limited

Balaji Multi Services

Cander Bio Marketing Private Limited

Dewsoft Overseas

Earthwide Sales and Marketing Private Limited

FMIA Marketing Services

Gurussr Distributors Private Limited

HLM Retail India Limited

IES Marketing Private Limited

Jeevan & Business Associates Limited

Some of the details regarding these top MLM companies in India are given below:

AAROH Distribution Private Limited:

AAROH was established by a team of ambitious and well-experienced people and this company work on a distributor development concept. They are the introducers of a unique network marketing strategy according to the needs of the current network marketing concept. They are dealing with the distribution of Scalar Energy pendent in the MLM industry.

Balaji Multi Services:

BMS is one of the leaders in the concept of network marketing with advanced innovations, high infrastructure and they offer the essential quality products and services to their customers. They have different types of plans like platinum plan, gold plan and silver plan and they are dealing with insurance products in the MLM Industry.

Cander Bio Marketing Private Limited:

Cander Bio Marketing Private Limited is operating from the city of Calicut in Kerela and they offer superior products combined with diversified services and unparalleled compensation to their independent affiliates. They are operating in the MLM sector with the objective of offering rewarding and enjoyable opportunity for the benefit of their members.

Dewsoft Overseas:

Dewsoft Overseas are operating from the city of New Delhi and this company came into existence in the year 2000. This company is engaged in a number of operations other than the Multi-level marketing.

Earthwide Sales and Marketing Private Limited:

This company is operating from the city of Lucknow and they are dealing with different operations like business support material, accidental insurance, air-ticketing, holiday package, etc…

FMIA Marketing Services:

FMIA marketing services is operating from the city of Bangalore and they have offices at different cities like Kozhikode, Palakkad, Bhubaneswar, Madurai, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Mangalore, Mysore, Chennai and Navi Mumbai. They are dealing with different insurance plans in the MLM sector.

Gurussr Distributors Private Limited:

Gurussr Distributors Private Limited is dealing with the product called Noni in the MLM industry and they are planning to introduce different products like ready-made garments, computer library, gaming zone and health club/gym in the future. They are offering their product in different packages.

HLM Retail India Limited:

HLM Retails India Private Limited came into existence in the year 2010 and they offer opportunities to the people to conduct their own business with zero risk factor, minimum start-up cost and without any qualification. They are dealing with Quantum Science Pendent and Quantum Science bracelet in the MLM industry.

IES Marketing Private Limited:

IES marketing private limited was established with the objective of equipping people with the ideal of earning money from share market. They offer the opportunity to common man to earn money without any investment in such a way that they can develop their financial capability.

Jeevan & Business Associates Limited:

This company is operating from the state of Uttar Pradesh and they are dealing with different products like power card, security benefit products, cloth kit and business starter kit in the MLM industry.

Thus, MLM industry is offering a wide range of opportunities to the people to earn additional income in the present higher cost of living.



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