Top Pay Per Click Management Companies in India


Pay Per Click is a term that is popularly called as PPC and it is an internet advertising model used for the purpose of directing traffic to websites. Whenever an advertisement is clicked by the visitor, advertisers pay the hosting service. With search engines, many advertisers these days typically bid on keywords or phrases that are suitable for their target market. Rather than usage of bidding system, most of the content sites commonly use a standard pay per click charge.

When a keyword query matches the list of key words of an advertiser or when a site with content displays a relevant content, the website that makes use of PPC ads displays an advertisement. Such advertisements are called as sponsored ads or sponsored links and they appear close to the organic results of search engine results page or even at some place that is chosen by the web developer in the content page.

Among PPC Providers, Microsoft adCenter, Yahoo Search Marketing and Google AdWords are the three major network operators and all these operate under a bid-based model. However, the drawback with PPC advertisement model is that it is open to abuse through fraudulent clicks even though Google and some other sites have implemented automated system for protecting against abusive clicks by corrupt web developers or by competitors. Effective management of Pay Per Click becomes highly essential and this service is being offered by a number of top players in India and the names of these players are given below:

Top 5 PPC Management Companies


Page Traffic

SEO Power Inc.

SEO Trends

RankUno Interactive

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Pinstorm has been ranked as the top Pay Per Click Management Company consequently for three months by the They have a long list of clients in Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, US, Malaysia, Singapore apart from their offices in Delhi and Mumbai in India. The company has enormous potential in search engine marketing, which enables them to understand the demand of buyers by analyzing the search pattern over geography, topic and time and matching it to their clients’ needs in real-time that too cost-effectively.

Page Traffic:

The main motto of Page Traffic is ‘get new customers every day’ and with this motto, they are enabling their clients to get new customers every day through their efficient internet marketing strategies. Their service area include web designing, social media marketing, search engine optimization and of course pay per click marketing. They have an extensive industrial experience in Per Per Click Management Services and they are ensuring maximum returns to their customers through this service.

SEO Power Inc.:

SEO Power Incorporation is operating from the city of Gurgaon and Pay Per Click is one among the different services like web development, web designing, affiliate marketing, web marketing and SEO Consultancy offered by them. In their PPC Management, they are using techniques like keyword research, creation of imperative ad copy, traffic tracking code, bid management, etc…

SEO Trends:

SEO Trends is another top PPC Management company and this service is offered by them with 24/7 support with click fraud monitoring thereby enabling many businesses to get highly profitable online marketing campaigns. They also control the placement of bid and ads against competitors on Linkedin, Facevook, Yahoo Search marketing, Google AdWords, etc…, they are making use of tracking tools to measure the rate of click and conversion.

RankUno Interactive:

RankUno Interactive is operating from the city of Pune and their PPC Management service ensures that, their customers can get higher ROI and targeted traffic with the help of the crafted campaigns followed by this company.



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