University of Hyderabad-M.Sc (Math/Applied Math) Entrance Exam Papers


University of Hyderabad was laid on the year 1974 with an objective to motivate the higher education in the society. Every year, a large number of application forms are collected by the aspiring candidates in order to take admission in the M.Sc (Math/applied math) course. The students must work hard to crack this exam.

Paper Description:

The Math/Applied math papers are based on the basics of mathematics with tricky and hard problems. The paper deals with graphs of functions, group theory, limits, Sets, determinants, linear transformations and series etc.

Paper Pattern:

There are a maximum of two parts of the M.Sc (Math/Applied Math) Exam Papers A and B respectively. The first part consists of 25 questions and all the questions are compulsory for every student. Each question is of 1 mark and each wrong answer gets -1/4 marks deducted. The 2nd part consists of 15 questions and candidates are asked to attempt as much question as they can answer the maximum marks one can score is 75 from this section. Each question is of 5 marks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The questions that are repeatedly asked from the M.Sc (Math/Applied Math) papers are Sets, determinants, linear transformations, graphs of functions, group theory, limits, rank, nullity, sequences and coordinate geometry of two and three dimensions etc. There are still few topics which are most covered by the candidates are series, eigen values, system of linear equations, integration, continuity, differentiation, vector spaces, matrices and elementary probability etc.

Full Marks and Time Allotted:

The maximum marks allotted against the University of Hyderabad-M.Sc (Math/Applied Math) Entrance Exam Papers are 100 and one should get a total time span of two hours to answer all the questions.

Books Recommended:

  • Apostol T.M., Mathematical Analysis
  • Probability and Measure (John - Willey) Billingsley, P
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